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Smartphones are increasingly becoming an essential part of many people’s lives and provide services which old devices only dreamed about. Vice president of Samsung Kevin Packingham announced today that the Korean company would be incorporating larger batteries into its smartphones for 2012. More »

Internet corporation Yahoo! Inc. has recently announced that co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from the Board of Directors and all other positions with the company. He has also quit from the Boards of Yahoo Japan Corporation as well as Alibaba Group Holding Limited. More »

Since human beings are known to be quite emotional mainly because of the events that occur in their life everyday, with the help of Mood Sense you can now determine the mood of your friends and even yourself. By simple placing your finger in your screen, little cute animals will now give you some advice. More »

Today’s unique USB features a Batman Mimobot Flash Drive! Any Batman fans out there? More »

SoftKinetic has introduced its own Kinect-like motion controller at the recent CES 2012. The DepthSense DS311 camera uses the ‘Time of Flight’ technology that is reportedly more responsive and accurate than the PrimeSense technology in Microsoft’s Kinect. More »

- Uh oh! It looks like Apple just filed another lawsuit against Samsung again!

- It looks like Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S2 HD in the UK! More »

Apple’s iTunes Match has a hard time reaching international shores due to various record labels and intellectual property laws. That’s why it should celebrate adding another 19 countries to the list that will be able to enjoy the service, increasing the number up to 37 countries. More »

We don’t seem to be far off from seeing an Apple iPad 3 release and as usual, the tension is rising. The latest speculation is fuelled by possibility a Retina display, quad processor and LTE display. More »

Research in Motion has had a very tough time for a while now and its share in the market has gone down so much that the firm cannot cope in the fast-paced and unforgiving Android smartphone world. BGR are reporting that RIM are offering themselves to Samsung in an attempt to keep afloat. More »

Apple isn’t happy enough that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was redesigned enabling the ban of the tablet to be avoided. Now, Apple are requesting that Germany ban certain Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S2. More »

From Htcyou: Hey you, yeah you who love to throw birds at pigs, Rovio has just revealed the new preview for the upcoming updates (yup, more updates) for the Angry Birds franchise. More »

From Htcyou: Apple has been shooting big patent bombs at Android manufactuters ever since…well I guess ever since Samsung lost the first ever battle. And now, looks like Apple has finally lost their first war. More »

From Htcyou: For all you guys that are expecting the long-announced purple Motorola Droid RAZR, it’s here. Well, it’s going to be here on January 23rd, which isn’t that long of a wait anyways. More »

The Nano Air Vehicle is a project sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and developed by AeroVironment, Inc.. This little device is specially designed to be used in urban surveillance as well as reconnaissance missions. More »

For those who own a BlackBerry and want to travel back in time to the days where a handheld AA battery-powered gaming device was all the fun they could ever want, there’s hope! There are now Game Boy skins available to protect BlackBerry owners from scratches and add some retro feeling. More »

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