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Tablets just keeps getting more and more common everyday! Besides seeing them in the hands of a businessman or a family member, we now see them in schools and in the hands of children as well! In order to keep the trend going, another tablet has been produced and this time its a tablet for kids again! Designed to have an anti-bacterial touchscreen and easy to clean medical grade silicon cover, the PlayBase+ features a Silver to prevent the growth of bacteria. More »

Fans of the app called Flight Control may finally have something new to play with because they recently released a sequel to the really addictive game. Known as the Flight Control Rocket, the latest feature of the app is that it has 15 new spacecrafts with different abilities and characteristics, new game modes, new stages and additional lives to prevent an instant game over. More »

Today’s unique USB features a French Bread Flash Drive! Yummy yummy fresh bakery french bread with the lovely crisp. More »

Red Ball is an app where your task is to guide the red ball to the final flag as you try to knock over some boxes, dodge some dangerous swinging axes, as well as, riding a train to move quicker. It may look and sound simple, but you should never judge these type of games that easily. More »

- Apple’s slimmer Macbook Pro is said to be in production already.

- Meet Playbase+, which is known to be tablet designed for your kids. More »

Popular social-networking site Twitter is encouraging musicians and artists to use its microblogging service. The article introduces how singers and bands can use the site to build up their fan base. More »

Time Warner Cable has recently added 26 local channels to its iOS app and TWCTV website in NYC boroughs. The channels include CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, Univision, and more. More »

Pioneer has recently introduced its new VSX line of AV receivers. The Japanese company is apparently trying to widen its offerings with some lower-end models, the VSX-522 and VSX-822, as well as some premium ones, the VSX-1022 and VSX-1122. More »

According to some folks at DigiTimes, the Slimmer Macbook Pro, a laptop which was designed as the Macbook Air and is as powerful as the Macbook Pro is currently in the works. More »

News about the Google Nexus tablet have been spreading pretty fast all over the internet, and now more rumors are coming up and one of them is its price. More »

From Htcyou: Looks like Canadians are now opened up to even more different choices of tablets now, with Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab 7.0 is now available on various retailers. More »

From Htcyou: Seems like Motorola has all of a sudden realized the need to do some new tweaking for its Motorola DROID Pro despite the long time since its debut. The 4.7.3 update will be pushing out soon for DROID Pro users! More »

From Htcyou: Have you HTC Rezound folks been stomping your feet with impatience for an Ice Cream Sandwich update? Well, even though Verizon has yet started pushing it, Android Police has gotten some unofficial build for an early taste of the newest OS. More »

The most popular browser app of Apple’s iTunes App Store, Skyfire is back with some cool new features in which they called it the Skyfire HotSwap. In this new feature, the app will now have to ability to handle individual user accounts such as their own browser accounts and personal preferences. According to the company, logins to social networking sites, bookmarks, history pages, open tabs may be left just the way the user wants it to be without any complaints. More »

Blaze has finally announced its new Neo Geo X handheld games console, which will soon be available worldwide. The device is produced under SNK’s license and it will come with a pre-loaded selection of 20 Neo classics, such as Fatal Furies, King of the Monsters, Metal Slug, and more. More »

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