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Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, iSkin of the Day! This daily piece features a skin for your Apple device from iPhones to MacBooks. These skins range from adorable cartoons to gorgeous landscapes.

Today’s iSkin is Cheshire Cat Grin from Disney. No one does it like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. This iPad skin is for those who enjoy the dark and mysterious vibe exuded from the skin itself. Any other fans of the character will immediately comment on your iPad!

If you love this skin as much as I do, you can buy it on for the following prices: New iPad: $29.99


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Not exactly sure who the developers were trying to aim towards, but here it is: the game designed exactly for Google Maps. AKA the Google Cube. More »

Today’s unique USB features an Ebi Nigiri Sushi Flash Drive! Yum yum, personally this is my favorite type of sushi to eat, rice with shrimp…with soy sauce! More »

If you love self-assembly furniture, then IKEA is the place to go, but more than likely will not be your number one choice for consumer electronics. And that’s not about to change with the unveiling of KNÄPPA, a flat-pack cardboard digital camera. More »

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble have announced this morning that they have formed a new partnership and will take the Nook and College businesses and form it into a new subsidiary in which Microsoft will own 17.6% and Barnes & Noble will own the remaining 82.4%. More »

- T.G.I Friday’s customers may now start paying their bills with their iPhones.

- A man decided to sue Apple for alleged infringement over their SmartCover. More »

Panasonic recently displayed their absolutely ginormous screen, which is a massive 145-inches across and has an 8K display. 8K means that it has a picture with 7680 x 4320 pixels, or 16 times the resolution of 1080p full HD. Now if you thought watching youtube videos with 1080p was super clear think how amazing this would be! More »

From Htcyou: A photo of what is said to be the new Sony ST21i has just been revealed! This handset, codenamed Tapioca, is completely unlike the Xperia design being plump and curvy. However, based on the image, it will be shipping with the Xperia branding. More »

From Htcyou: For those of you that remember when Windows Mobile was still alive and kicking, Meon was a game that was a favorite among users. I mean, how could you resist the cute factor that is all over this game? Well, Android users can rejoice that they’ll soon be able to play to their heart’s content. More »

The changes just don’t stop when it comes to mass social-networking site Facebook. Timeline (which I’d like to say that I hate) recently received a small but very noticeable adjustment to it. More »

Griffin Technology has recently introduced its new SmartTalk Solar, a handsfree solar-charged speakerphone for smartphone owners. It is not safe for you as well for the other road users when you drive with only one hand, while the other hand handles a phone. More »

Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, iSkin of the Day! This daily piece features a skin for your Apple device from iPhones to MacBooks. These skins range from adorable cartoons to gorgeous landscapes. More »

Bring Vegas in the palm of your hands with Slotmania! It’s a really fun way to see as to how lucky you are when it comes to earning money. However, unlike the game in Vegas, you can actually play some fun mini-games and even send coins to your friends. More »

From Htcyou: For all this time, all we actually knew about the Sony Hayabusa was pretty much that it will be launching in July, and that it’s probably one of the most high-range devices Sony will be releasing for its 2012 lineup. However, BriefMobile has managed to report about some rumored specs that are totally worth checking out. More »

From Htcyou: The Amazon Kindle Fire has gotten over 50 percent of the Android tablet market in the U.S., surpassing all other tablets by a large margin. Second place on the market is taken by the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which is about 40 percent behind with 15.4 percent of the Android tablet market. More »

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