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From Htcyou: The much anticipated Chinese smartphone from manufacturer Xiaomi, the MI-One, has a community-created Android ROM. The phones are sold in batches as they’re made, and the demand has been growing ever since it started shipping in August of last year. The latest batch of 150,000 phones had sold out in about 13 minutes after the company posted them online! More »

- After 15 months, Apple’s Mac Store has finally reached 10,000 apps.

- ColorWare will now offer some color customization for your Skullcandy Mix Master headphones. More »

According to Tony Fadell, the ex-Apple executive, when they first developed the first ever iPhone last January 2007, the team actually thought of using the QWERTY keyboard designed instead of the multitouch design. More »

Among the many tablet manufacturers these days, HP has surfaced out once again with a new leak image of what is expected to be their new Slate 8, at least according to More »

For girls who aren’t keen on holding a purse 24/7 any just need their handset, a solution has been created which appears on Kickstarter with 12 supporters - the JoeyBra. The bra includes a holster which girls can handily slip their iPhones in - there may even be room for credit cards and some dollars. More »

For those who love to show off their geekiness (yes, all you programmers, accountants, and digital authors out there!), introducing these cool Keyboard Flip-Flops! Thai shoe company Kito are the founders of the idea and unfortunately they don’t actually work as with keyboards using USB ports/plugs, but they do make neat summer footwear! More »

The MicroStylus is for those looking for an affordable but very portable stylus - in fact, it’s been named as the “world’s smallest” stylus! Made from billet aluminum and sporting a soft capacitive rubber tip, the stylus will fit into your device‚Äôs 3.5mm audio jack. This means owners will be able to use the stylus whenever and pretty much wherever. More »

If you’re a keen traveller like me but struggle finding the cash to satiate your travelling desires, technology has enabled us to view places we could never have dreamed of viewing without TVs, the internet etc. We get to learn about all sorts of places without having to step a foot outside our front door and Google have now integrated 3D photo tours into Google Maps so that users can see locations like never before. More »

Have you ever been in the position where water has been in the way of you capturing your favorite moments? Sony reckon they have the solution for keen camcorder users with their waterproof Handycam HDR-GW77V which will enable users to snap photos and record videos even whilst underwater - up to 5 meters for an hour. More »

Hailed as RIM’s “savior”, the very first Blackberry 10 handset is rumored to be announced around mid-August this year, according to sources of N4BB. So far we have only seen rumors of what could be future Blackberry 10 devices but there has not been a timetable given like this before. More »

From Htcyou: Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile have just proved to its customers that prepaid carriers can also get high end devices for a company big as HTC, with the two of them getting the EVO V 4G and EVO Design 4G respectively, with the latter arriving with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. More »

From Reelwire: Pixar has revealed new details on three of its upcoming projects at the recent CinemaCon 2012 convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. More »

From Htcyou: Twitter for Android has just gotten a pretty big update in the Google Play Store. The update includes new features, improved UI, faster performance, new ways to discover, push notifications for retweets and more! More »

Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, iSkin of the Day! This daily piece features a skin for your Apple device from iPhones to MacBooks. These skins range from adorable cartoons to gorgeous landscapes. More »

Today’s unique USb features a Plushie Crocodile Flash Drive! Fluffy and soft looking, this is not something you’d want to cuddle with though. More »

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