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-Japanese beatboxer, Hikakin, really puts a new spin on on the Super Mario themes with his beatboxing!

-Nichkhun has proved, without a doubt, that he is the ultimate alpha male, judging from the results of the MLG Kpop Alpha Males Match.

-The early bird gets the worm! This will certainly be true on the day that the iPhone 4 is released, because Best Buy will only be getting an extremely limited supply.

-Edible glitter? The Curious Confectioner uses that tasty treat to create their Sparkly Unicorn and Pony Cakes!

-Buy Jean Paul Gaultier’s LE MALE fragrance and get a USB scent stick for free!

-The HTC Aria and Sony Xperia X10 has been rooted?

-Missed True Blood Season 3, Episode 2 or dying to talk about it? Read a short critique and summary of the episode, Beautifully Broken, here!

-If you’re interested in studying fashion, Teen Vogue’s Fashion University is the program for you! More »

- Are you a fan of strategy-based puzzle games? Regardless of whether or not you grab a few friends to play or go solo, you’ll definitely enjoy Blokus HD for the iPad.

- Finally! Adobe has finally given Flash 10.1 to its mobile platform partners. Users of the following operating systems can now rejoice: Android, BlackBerry, webOS, Windows Phone 7 Series, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian.

- Looking for the best Android 2.1 ROM for the HTC Magic and HTC Dream? Look no further than OpenEclair 1.2.2!

-Flag football may now have to be considered a potentially dangerous physical sport. The reason? The Carolina Panthers‘ wide receiver, Steve Smith, apparently broke his arm during a flag football game.

- Need a musical blood transfusion? Enter for a chance to win f(x)’s NU ABO album!

- Have any embarrassing or awkward pictures of yourself as a teenager? Send them to Before You Were Hot!

- Build your very own Sanrio town in Hello Kitty Seasons, coming soon to your Wii! More »

What’s got interstellar dog fights and is the best trailer that was shown at E3? Halo: Reach.

- Looks can be deceiving — don’t let this iPad mouse pad fool you into believing it’s an actual Apple iPad.

-Speaking of iPad, an iPad imitation from China called the iPed has a 10-inch LCD display along with Android 2.1 and is…pretty cheap.

-If you’re a huge fan of Super Junior’s Siwon, we highly recommend that you enter to win an autographed Siwon photo.

-Tumbling actor Shunsuke Daito was recently involved in a motorcycle accident — hope he gets well soon!

- Nothing says cute like Hello Kitty engine oil! Who wouldn’t love to be powered by Hello Kitty?

- According to a Forbes poll, Michael Vick is the most hated sports figure — ouch.

- Snoop Dogg hearts True Blood so much he made a song and music video called, “Oh Sookie.” More »

From Ningin: - Square Enix unveiled Final Fantasy Tactics and Secret of Mana in E3’s first ever mobile games showroom.

- The iPhone 4 CDMA rumors just don’t stop. Here for the latest in the iPhone 4 rumor mill.

- Verizon’s Motorola Droid X web site is officially here!

- Results of the Big Bang vs. DBSK KPOP Battle are in!

- Happy Birthday to Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya!

- Could we be experiencing a longer NFL season? Head to Blitznation to find out.

- Alidra Alic’s jewelry is very much whimsical and beautiful in an Alice in Wonderland way.

- Christian Dior fashion, make-up and now…contact lenses.

- Twilight is suing BB Dakota for its Bella Swan jacket knock-off.

- More than just friends? These 4 signs will tell you. More »

From Ningin: - Nintendo 3DS, new Wii games and more exciting stuff was revealed at Nintendo’s E3 presentation!

- Yet another reason to love Wal Mart: You receive a $50 gift certificate when you purchase an Xbox 360 Arcade console.

- A special hands-on tour of the Motorola Droid X has revealed quite a handful of great features including a different type of Motoblur GUI.

- A Balinese teen was forced to marry a cow he had sex with — they now pronounce them Man and Cow.

- Runningback controversy involving Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Spiller strikes The Buffalo Bills!

- A Hello Kitty wheelchair makes injury cute again!

- For a professional makeup artist, MAC’s Bamboo eyeshadow is an absolute must.

- The oldest leather shoe was found to be 5,500 years old — fashion is timeless!

-Jinra’s thoughts on the first episode of HBO’s True Blood, Season 3. More »

From Ningin: - If you’re not at E3 this year and you’re a major Microsoft fan, you’ll want to check out this recap of what happened at Microsoft’s E3 presentation.

- Verizon users, rejoice — someone’s come up with an iPad Wifi hotspot mod. Up next: The Apple iPhone!

- Up until yesterday, it was impossible to fully root the HTC Evo (4G). Today, however, is a different story.

- Congratulations to our F’n Giveaway winner of the G-Dragon Shine A Light Live Concert Album!

- The New England Patriots’ Logan Mankins’ salary was cut from $3.26 million to $1.26 million — ouch.

- Betsey Johnson’s Varsity Crush ring was definitely made for princesses.

- Going for a 1940s make-up look? Dita Von Teese is FlauntMe’s inspiration.

- The iconic dress Marilyn Monroe wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes sold for over $300,000 USD! More »

From Ningin: - E3’s in town and it’s only fitting that you download the new E3 Super Scribblenauts PC wallpaper.

- Microsoft Project Natal is officially christened Kinect. Also, how about that new Xbox Slim?

- Curious as to how to root the HTC Droid Incredible? This guide should help.

- KPOP Battles: DBSK vs. Big Bang update number 10 has Team Big Bang slightly dumbfounded and shocked.

- If the Kaibutsu Kun drama wasn’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that a Kaibutsu Kun special has been planned.

- Let Tennessee Titan’s Vince Young be a lesson for all you aspiring football players: Strip clubs are plain evil.

- Hello Kitty earphones? Yes, please!

- There’s press-on nails, now press-on eyeshadow?

- Leona Lewis would love to sink her fangs into a vampire-themed concert or music video.

- Do you find yourself wondering if you’re just friends? Wonder no more and stay away from the Just Friends Zone. More »

From Ningin: - Wirebot’s comprehensive E3 coverage guide makes things less daunting for gamers.

- What’s covered in chocolate then flown across the world? An Apple iPad.

- Size does matter when it comes to the Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G and iPhone 3G.

- The winner of Ningin’s Free-For-All #2 gets to walk away with a 2AM album!

- Trust us, KAT-TUN’s No More Pain music video will not cause you any pain.

- Say hello to Kyle Orton, new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos!

- Happy 50th anniversary, Sanrio!

- If you’ve got issues getting eye shadow stuck in your creases, you’ll want to read this.

- Twilight’s Breaking Dawn will be broken down into two films. No joke. More »

From Ningin: - For a lot of people Alan Wake didn’t take long to to beat. Hopefully the upcoming DLC will extend the gameplay a lot more.

- No, you’re not seeing things — the Apple iPad can really walk.

- If Motorola was a faucet, it’d be one leaky faucet. Even more leaked photos of Motorola Droid Xtreme have surfaced!

- Oh! Ningin is giving away an SNSD mobile strap set. Prime concert memorabilia if you ask me!

- Teasers for the upcoming manga-turned-movie Kimi Ni Todoke has been released!

- After years of hardwork, pass catchers Isaac Bruce and Muhsin Muhammad hang up their pads and retire.

- Who knew Indian food could be so kawaii?

- In addition to doing designer clothes just right, Armani also does beauty — award winning beauty, that is.

- Nine West’s Rosyann sandal says nothing but summer to us. Summer and…sale!

- The cast of Vampire Diaries get glam and hang out at Monte Carlo for the 50th Monte Carlo Television Festival.

- Fridays mark your weekly dose of pick-up lines, both good and bad at CrazySingleLife. More »

From Ningin: - A trailer for the Final Fantasy’s The Four Heroes of Light Nintendo DS game has been revealed.

-The Apple iPad enjoys a blast from the past with a G3 Clamshell iBook mod that turns it into the A4 Clamshell iPad.

- More Motorola Droid 2 photos and video surface on the Internet!

- The flash game battle between DBSK and Big Bang is proving itself to be quite a fierce one.

- Jpop fans, Koda Kumi will soon be coming at you in 3D — be sure to have your glasses when she’s ready.

- The exit of the Seahawk’s head coach Pete Carroll from the USC has done quite a number on the program — was this a good idea?

- What’s cuter than rice krispy treats resembling Totoro? Nothing.

- The Stila Loyalty Discount is on the loose — grab it and save while you can!

- We really hesitated in saying this, but Gilt Groupe will soon be having a Jeffrey Campbell sale.

- Twilight tourism does a Forks, Washington’s tax revenue good!

- The Internet is full of unusual online dating sites. Here’s just a few of them. More »

From Ningin: - The Dragon Quest XI official trailer is out for the Nintendo DSi and boy is it pretty!

- Not long after the Apple iPhone 4’s OS was made available for developers, pirates got to it.

- Wish your HTC Evo 4G phone took better pictures? This inexpensive magnetic add-on lens helps you with macro shots.

- If you haven’t heard by now, Ningin is giving away a 2NE1 poster!

- Nothing is more badass than the Dallas Cowboys’ Marion Barber playing an entire season with a torn quad.

- Some of us just don’t dig Rihanna’s new red ‘do.

- Super kawaii Takochu toys are now available in a translucent design.

- The British Invasion on Target continues with an upcoming Mulberry handbag line!

- The upcoming Fright Night remake has now casted McLovin’ and Doctor Who — should be interesting.

- Toy Story 3’s Ken (as in Barbie and Ken) has recently dished out his dating tips! Here to watch Ken’s dating tip videos. More »

From Ningin: - Take that PS3 and Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS may boast 3D graphics too!

- The Phantom Lapboard isn’t called phantom for nothing — it’s an all-in-one wireless keyboard and mouse, a lazy person’s dream.

- Apple iPhone 4, make way for the Motorola’s Milestone XT720.

- In a galaxy, far, far away, Storm Troopers dance to Korean pop songs called Sorry Sorry by Super Junior.

- Slipping ratings isn’t stopping the Kaibutsu Kun movie rumors, it seems.

-The New York Jets contractual issues don’t make sense, but this might help.

-Hello Kitty iPad case brings the bling to your bling-starved life.

- You can now test drive Revlon makeup looks before shopping with the new Get The Look site feature.

- OMGHaute’s latest fashion obsession? Japan’s fur fur line. More »

From Ningin: Square Enix is being sued $5MM for a Final Fantasy XIII bug that killed a California resident’s PS3. For eight dollars, the Apple iPad is now available to rent in-flight onboard Jetstar Airlines. If you’re craving a Motorola Droid’s Android 2.2 FroYo ROM update, it’s now available! A G-Dragon autographed Heartbreaker photo is being given away at Ningin, but not necessarily just for the heartbroken…anyone can enter. New Yorkers had the treat of listening to Arashi’s Monster on the radio. Justin Bieber fever has hit young poets with symptoms such as the cheesy Justin Bieber poem. $10 will get you a lot of great lip and cheek makeup products! Vampire Diaries’ holy trinity Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder graciously provide fanservice to their UK fans. The all-denim trend ala Justin and Britney is back, whether you like it or not. Say hello to Tim Tebow, the third official Broncos quarterback.

More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Impressions: The Reading Game Gamer Frustration: Red Dead Redemption’s Sandbox Multiplayer is too Open

via Ziggytek: Samsung Galaxy Tab: 7-Inch Android OS Slate Lucky 13: 5th Graders Receive Free iPads

via HTCYou: Memorable May with HTCYou: Android T-shirt giveaway winner

via Ningin: Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 6 Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 5 Results

via BlitzNation: O.J. Atogwe Hits the Open Market

via FlauntMe: Tarte Cosmetics: Natural Lip Stains

via GirlyBubble: Memorable May with GirlyBubble: Slice of Cake Charm & Pearl Crystal Gold Bracelet Giveaway winner

via OMGHaute: Memorable May with OMGHaute: Vogue subscription giveaway winner

via SwanDiary: True Blood season 3 extended trailer!

via CrazySingleLife: Too busy for online dating? Try an online dating assistant. More »

From Htcyou: Last month as part of the Memorable May special, we launched a giveaway of an Organic Cotton Android Walking the Dog T-shirt. That giveaway has since and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please! More »

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