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From Ningin: via Wirebot: Final Fantasy VII HD Would Take 40 Years to Make, says Original Director Final Fantasy VII/ Chrono Trigger Scribe Claims Nintendo’s Reign is Over

via Ziggytek: Guess This Gadget: Skull MP3-Player Belt Buckle Apple Has Sold 2 Million iPads, Is Expected to Ship 8 Million

via HTCYou: Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition: Android 2.1 Smartphone

via Ningin: Weekly Twitter Giveaway 6/01: Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears poster Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 5

via Rekuru: Music video of the Week: Hilcrhyme’s Loose Leaf

via BlitzNation: The Way-Too-Early 2010 NFL Power Rankings: June 2

via FlauntMe: Oribe Gold Pomade

via GirlyBubble: Tokidoki Me! Purikura style photo editor helps you win tokidoki sweepstakes

via OMGHaute: Cute Rocket Dog Flats More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Limited Edition Iron Man Nike Shoes Make up for Lack of Quality Games Nintendo Unveils Pokemon: White and Black Release Date + Cover Pokemon

via Ziggytek: 4Food: Apple Resturant? MSI 10-Inch Wind Pad 100: Windows 7 Slate

via HTCYou: Google Now Uses Mostly OS X and Linux

via Ningin: Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 3 Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 2 Results

via Rekuru: Human version of Neon Genesis Evangelion opening

via BlitzNation: Will Reggie Bush Lose His Heisman Trophy?

via FlauntMe: Get This Look - Summer Goddess

via GirlyBubble: Every Hello Kitty blog post we’ve featured, ever

via SwanDiary: The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst trailer

via CrazySingleLife: Summer Date Movie: Going the Distance More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Cast Your Vote: Which PS2 Games Should get Remade in HD Alan Wake giveaway winner

via Ziggytek: iPed Android: Another Chinese iPad Lookalike $105 (1080p Video) iPad Mania Hits Europe and Japan

via HTCYou: Motorola Shadow Showing up on Verizon Inventory?

via Ningin: Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 2 Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 1 Results

via Rekuru: Hey!Say!Jump’s first album called Jump No.1

via BlitzNation: More Cold Weather Super Bowls on the Way?

via FlauntMe: Product Review: Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis™ Gold Essence

via GirlyBubble: Horrid Faces: Little Asian Boy vs. Calvin (from Calvin & Hobbes)

via SwanDiary: Ashlee Simpson initially first choice for The Vampire Diaries’ Elena More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Sonic Colors announced for Wii and DS Alan Wake giveaway winner

via Ziggytek: iPad Mania Hits Europe and Japan TESO J-10 Pro: 10-Inch iPad/iPhone Lookalike That Runs Windows 7

via HTCYou: Samsung i897: Android 2.1 Snapdragon Smartphone Headed to AT&T;?

via Ningin: Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon: Day 1 Weekly YesAsia: 2010 SS501 Planner giveaway winner

via Rekuru: Riisa Naka lands first starring role

via BlitzNation: Seahawks Waive LenDale White

via FlauntMe: Smashbox Memorial Day Weekend Savings!

via GirlyBubble:

From Ningin: via Wirebot: iPhone + iPad + SNES HD = Best Reason to Jailbreak Your iDevices Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light to be released on October 5

via Ziggytek: Greenpeace: Nintendo Is Most Toxic Company on Earth Acer 7-Inch Android Tablet Slated for Q4

via HTCYou: Motorola Shadow: Several Supposed Pictures

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Random Prize Winner #4 Super Junior Decathlon: Winners’ Prize Picks

via Rekuru: Drama Recap: Kaibutsu-kun episodes 3 and 4

via BlitzNation: This One Might Upset Packer Fans a Little…..

via FlauntMe: Sephora Beauty Wish list

via GirlyBubble: 11 cute free-to-play flash games

via OMGHaute: Carin Wester’s Lydia wedges

via SwanDiary: Never-before-seen Eclipse clip to debut at 2010 MTV Movie Awards

via CrazySingleLife: 5 summer date ideas More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Square-Enix Releases its First iPad Game, Chocobo Panic Ico & Shadow of the Colossus getting re-released in HD

via Ziggytek: MSI Slatebook: Windows 7 Tablet Launching Q3 Guess This Gadget Tuesday: Audio-Technica Bijoué Portable Speakers

via HTCYou: Telus Unleashing on June 8th: HTC Triumph?

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Award Ceremony Weekly Twitter Giveaway 5/25: MBLAQ ‘Y’ poster

via Rekuru: NECK trailer released

via BlitzNation: What Went Down at the NFL Owners Meetings?

via FlauntMe: Allure’s Reader’s Choice Award Winners

via GirlyBubble: Adorable Rilakkuma Netbook by Bandai Namco

via OMGHaute: Huge Sale at More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: The V Screen: 3d Peripheral or Bad Joke? Attention Females: Wentworth Miller Cast in Newest Resident Evil Film

via Ziggytek: Samsung Shows off 19-Inch Transparent OLED Display iPhone, iPhone, iPhone, and iPhone!

via HTCYou: Aoson M500: $265 5-Inch Android Slate That Supports 8 Operating Systems

via Ningin:

From Ningin: via Wirebot: What if Modern Warfare 2 was developed by VALVe and Team Fortress 2 by Activision? Ace Tennis 2010 Online Volleys on to the App Store

via Ziggytek: Yankee Stadium Is No iPad Zone Steve Jobs Answers E-Mail Regarding WWDC and iPhone 4G/HD

via HTCYou: T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Now Free, G1 Still $100

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Day 10 Super Junior Decathlon: Day 9 Results

via Rekuru: Actress of the week: Riisa Naka

via BlitzNation: Will Haynesworth Ever Be Traded from the Redskins?

via FlauntMe: Amazing Grace Deodorant - Philosophy

via GirlyBubble: Hello Kitty military vehicle More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Iron Man, Charlie Brown and Jesus Make Appearances in ModNation Racers Sony sued four times for removing PS3 feature

via Ziggytek: What If the iPhone 4G/HD Came in Pastel Colors? Lavish Toys: Versace Unique Smartphone by LG

via HTCYou: Most 2010 HTC Phones to Receive FroYo in Second Half

via Ningin: English version of SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) by Nathalie Makoma Super Junior Decathlon: Day 9

via Rekuru: Gantz film sold to several countries

via BlitzNation: Giants Stadium Press Box Goes Boom!

via FlauntMe:

From Ningin: via Wirebot: A Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Like No Other Weekly Wirebot Giveaway: Alan Wake

via Ziggytek: BlackBerry Bold 9800 Spotted Again LG Panther: Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Receives First Preview

via HTCYou: Android 2.2 FroYo ROM on Droid Eris and Nexus One

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Day 8 Super Junior Decathlon: Day 9

via Rekuru: Johnny News: SMAP to start tour, Akanishi not leaving

via BlitzNation: I Will Now Be Buying Madden 11 Thanks to Gus Johnson

via FlauntMe: Cheap Lippy Fix

via GirlyBubble: Hello Kitty plays dress up, Harajuku style

via SwanDiary: True Blood on the big screen More »

Freshly announced today at Google I/O, Google TV requires a set-top box or a standalone television, and Logitech is the first company to partner with Google for the former solution, offering the Harmony Companion Box, which, naturally, works with the popular Harmony line of universal remote controls. More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Alan Wake Review: The Darkness Never Felt So Good Rockstar Mistreats PS3 Users Yet Again With Read Dead Redemption

via Ziggytek: iPhone 4G/HD Rubber Cases and Front Covers from China Foxconn 8.9-Inch Android Tablet with NVIDIA Tegra 2 (720p Video)

via HTCYou: Android 2.2 FroYo: SDK Available (720p Video)

via Ningin: Autographed Giveaway #2: Super Junior Bonamana photo The absent Super Junior member pin challenge winners

via Rekuru: Three Tohoshinki members to form J.Y.J

via BlitzNation: Da Super Fans are Back!

via FlauntMe: Hair Removal Property Found in Licorice

via GirlyBubble: Spotted in New York: Kawaii pink Korean store front

via SwanDiary: New Eclipse posters feature Volturi and Bella More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Gameloft Brings 10 HD Games to Android Phones Treyarch Releases New Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer; 2 Mins. of New Gameplay Footage

via Ziggytek: Guess This Gadget Tuesday: Flashlight Microscope Camera iPhone OS 4 Beta Available for Download

via HTCYou: Google I/O T-Shirt Sporting 5 Android QRCodes

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Day 6 Wonder Girls & 2PM Decathlon - Prize List

via Rekuru: High and Mighty Color disbanding

via BlitzNation: Dwayne Bowe Has Some Interesting Road Trip Details For You

via FlauntMe: MAC to Release Venomous Villains Collection with Disney

via GirlyBubble: Delicious Hello Kitty Pizza!

via SwanDiary: Lady Gaga channeling Mr. Burns as a vampire in Alejandro

via OMGHaute: Floral Bustier Tops

via CrazySingleLife: CW to air new summer dating/reality show Plain Jane More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Impression: Steam for Mac OS X Star Wars The Old Republic EA Showcase Interview

via Ziggytek: Lavish Toys: $186,000 Stuart Hughes iPad White MacBook Updated: 2.4GHz, NVIDIA 320M, 10-Hour Battery

via HTCYou: HTC Droid Incredible: Verizon Unleashes Its 2nd Commercial (720p)

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Day 5 Super Junior Decathlon: Day 3 Results

via Rekuru: The cutest Arashi fanboy, ever

via BlitzNation: NFL Turnarounds: The Positive

via FlauntMe: The Makeup Show NYC

via GirlyBubble: The greatest Pikachu school bus in Japan

via SwanDiary: Blood Oath, a vampire movie maybe guys can enjoy

via OMGHaute: Isabella Blow’s Clothing Collection for Auction More »

From Ningin: via Wirebot: Choose the Next Band Featured in Rock Band PopCap Offers full 13 Game Library for $50 in Ultimate Time Wasting Bundle

via Ziggytek: Memorable May with ZiggyTek: Western Digital 2TB External Hard Drive [Giveaways] Sony PSP2: Monster Specs, Launching in 2011?

via HTCYou: Win an HTC Evo 4G via Sprint’s Facebook Contest

via Ningin: Super Junior Decathlon: Day 2 Results Super Junior Decathlon: Day 4

via Rekuru: Will Gantz be redistributed or remade?

via BlitzNation: Video(s) of the Day: Ray Lewis’ Biggest Hits

via FlauntMe: Memorable May with FlauntMe: Biocollasis™ GOLD Essence [Giveaways]

via GirlyBubble: Get comfortable with kawaii Hannari Tofu Pillows

via SwanDiary: New Eclipse Scene: Edward and Jacob fighting over Bella

via FlauntMe:

via OMGHaute: Blake Lively on the Cover of Vogue More »

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