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DENIED! That’s exactly how Sony feels right now since their Sony Reader App for the iOS has just recently been rejected from the Apple App Store. The app, which allowed direct purchases of e-books from a source outside of Apple, just did not jive with the iFolks. More »

Pandadog’s Pizza challenges you to be the best pizza delivery Pandadog you can be. A game of concentration that is put to the test when the orders begin to fly out and you need to direct them to the customers as fast as you can. Bonus items from the Wheel of Fortune can also help you reach a higher score. More »

Apple has been hiring college students to work part-time as Apple At-Home Advisors for more than $10/hour. The job is mainly to answer AppleCare phone calls from home for 16 hours/week during the semester and 40 hours in the summer. Students are given a free iMac to work from and an opportunity to get hired right after graduation. More »

Raise and fall in love with your own virtual pet with the Kawaii Pet MEGU app. Watch as your MEGU pet grows in its day to day life, read what it’s done in their daily dairy, or shower it with gifts to decorate its house. You’ll bond and never want to leave its cute self alone for too long. More »

But that doesn’t mean that every understands it. First of all, you have to have to get this accessory which is almost just like an iPod cover, in order to use the full functions. Then, most of the people that do get it are dermatologists. This utilizes the FotoFinder’s medical imagining systems to capture images of your skin and blow that up 20x. Oh, did I also say that this app costs around £1,000? Mmmmhm. This app wasn’t designed so that people can self-diagnose themselves. Instead, it’s made to aid doctors in explaining the patient’s condition to them, especially since it can take really fast photographs and they are all in very high quality. Amazing isn’t it? More »

In a survey of 1,000 iOS devices which combined with Appsfire mobile app sharing platform and mobile app discovery to finbd that the average iPhone owns 108 apps and spends 84 minutes per day using them, shown in the infographic above which shows that iOS users put native apps over web apps. More »

Solve fashion dilemmas with the Glamour Ask A Stylist app. Just take a photo of the outfit you’re having trouble with, choose the stylist you want to ask and submit your question. Within minutes, you’ll get a response that will allow you to walk out the door in style. More »

Verizon has announced preorders for its iPhone 4 will begin at 3AM EST on February 3rd, and now to make it more exciting, they have set up a countdown on their website. Existing customers who want to get the limited first handsets will have to stay up until 3AM, staring at the countdown. More »

MewMew Tower2 tests your cat balancing skills by challenging you to stack as many cats as you can to create a tower of cats, reaching for the sky. Try to keep things steady by aiming to build as straight as you can and see if you can beat your own record. More »

It was only at the beginning of the month when Apple launched their new Mac App Store. One success story can be told by Pixelmator already. They made $1 million in the first 20 days that their app has been available in the app store. More »

Apple’s iPod Touch is capable of connecting to a cellular data network via Apple Peel 520. Apple Peel allows users to send and receive voice calls and SMS from an iPod touch. More »

AT&T is quietly offering some iPhone customers of theirs the ability to switch to unlimited data plans in order to keep them from defecting to Verizon. Apparently, the offer is being made to customers who had previously been on an unlimited data plan for the iPhone on AT&T but had switched to one of the company’s lower-cost capes plans when it restructured its data plans as the iPhone 4 was announced last June. More »

Verizon sent an email to MacRumours that the carrier will begin its preorder sales of the iPhone 4 at 3 AM EST on February 3rd. It is just for current Verizon Wireless customers who have their My Verizon account set up. In the event of missing out on them (they are limited), you’ll have to wait until February 10th, when the offers are open to the general public. More »

The Official App takes the sudden deals on the Free App A Day website right to your iDevice, making sure you don’t miss on a cool app that you don’t have to pay for. Handy since you can browse what has newly become available and download right from your phone or tablet. More »

With news of the iPad 2 buzzing about, the Apple corporation sure disappointed a lot of people when its latest commercial was for the iPad and not the iPad 2. This ad follows in a long line of iPad ads that shows off some of the iPad’s most popular apps, coupled with adjectives describing said apps. More »

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