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Stonesoft have predicted that malware will target Apple’s iOS this year. I has been just another one a couple of year on the trot that security firms have predicted that Apple’s operating systems run of luck avoiding almost all malware and spyware would come to a halt. More »

With rumors still flying about the iPad 2, the Apple corporation is still keeping its lips sealed. Well, what that leaves us with is total speculation regarding what’s what on the upcoming device. Some new cases for the next gen tablet have recently been discovered in China, and they have led to some potential new information! More »

There’s been a lot of hype lately about the viral iPhone game Angry Birds. With millions of downloads, Angry Birds has been the reigning champion in the free app world… Until now. Fourteen year old Robert Nay has just released an app that has ended the Angry Birds reign of terror: Bubble Ball. More »

Listen to this – the screen of the upcoming iPad 2 has already been obtained by a parts supplier. As well as that, they have a vibrating motor for the device too. More »

Display messages using the LED Display banner simulator app. Just type in what you want to display and chose your customizable options to create an eye-catching way to tell someone something. Pretty simple and straightforward, as good apps should be. More »

The iPad is certainly a versatile tool. With it’s multiple capabilities, it’s hard to find an ad campaign that would be able to successfully champion another device over the Apple creation. Well, Amazon may have done it with their latest commercial for the Amazon Kindle e-reader! More »

Yes, you read the title correctly. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking a medical leave from Apple. According to an e-mail sent out to all Apple employees recently, Jobs has stated that he will be taking a medical leave from the company temporarily. In the meanwhile, Tim Cook will be picking up the slack. No further details on the “medical” part of the leave have been released. See the e-mail after the break. More »

French artist Leo Caillard has mapped Apple’s UI on the Louvre’s masterpieces. Painting display navigation elements from iTunes, IOS are in his images. Museum goers flip through famous works like they would the albums of their music collection. More »

As technology is becoming more and more advanced, the future is in everyone’s mind. Apple is a big part of this, so what directions will Apple’s next set of products take? We have some information about this from reliable sources, so you will go away will more of a picture in your mind. Let’s find out… More »

Details have been shelled out on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 respectively. It has emerged that the iPad will have front and rear cameras, and that the communication chipsets will be from Qualcomm. This move would let Apple work with dual-modes that would allow two carriers (Verizon and ATT for example) to work in the same model phone. Also, the iPhone 5 would be able to support both CDMA and GSM. More »

Cell & Love provides you with the easily addicting gameplay featuring a cute cell who you have to help evolve. The goal is to merging cells of different sizes and colors to get past the 100 levels and watch as your cell creature grows into its final form. More »

Online Store Best Buy has just updated their list of iPad’s with three new iPads carrying the SKU numbers of 1945674, 1945595 and 1945531. More »

Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Ctrl+z practically defines my life! So I’m sure iPad users will be happy to hear that the iOS 4.3, not yet released but coming soon, offers gestures involving four and five fingers to make some things a little easier to do. More »

Touch sensors have already, almost, taken over the mobile world. Most Smartphones are now made with a touch-sensor screen. Yes, this wonderful technology has made navigating the phones easier, for some people. But it gets even more advanced. Apple is now looking at ways in which the interface will recognize a finger hovering above the screen. More »

QLOCKTWO presents the time to you in an interesting word format. From the direct sentence form to the visual number created by the illuminated words, I find it slightly reminiscent of the airport flight information board, which is kind of cool. There’s also the nice option for French or German to be displayed, if you don’t want English. More »

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