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There are some things to consider when purchasing a brand new set of headphones. One of the main things you should consider is open or closed. Youtuber, Techquickie explains this as fast as possible. More »

There really are some of the best life hacks that need to be shared with the world - this is just one of the very many. More »

Want to look tech saavy by wearing the Google Glass? This guy got it covered. Chinese entrepreneur Sunny Gao recently printed a 3D version of these fancy specs. Easy. Too bad they’re just for looks though. More »

Take a look at this video and see for yourself of how the future might look like with Google Glass. Thanks for the video Playground Inc! More »

Phonesuit came out with a product named the ‘Flex Pocket Charger‘. This device allows iPhone 5 users to charge their phones inside their pocket or purse. More »

Forgetful of names or faces? Google Glass will have an app for that — the app will give you notes for each person you input. More »

The final piece of the One World Trade Center was installed on Friday, thus making it the tallest building in the West. Measuring up at 1,776 feet, the One World Trade Center is the third tallest building in the world. More »

While in this modern age, battery packs aren’t so common as they used to be, Nokia aims to please with the eye-catching colors and design of their new DC-18 portable USB charger. More »

Dogs have a natural instinct to roam around and explore; however, sometimes we just can’t give it to them because they cant be trusted off leash. So what compromise can we make? Alas, the SUREswivel. More »

The Casetop from Livi Design uses your smartphone as the processor, the graphics engine, and the trackpad of a laptop! More »

Pictured above is supposedly the first released picture sneak peak of the Olympus E-P5 camera. Or so rumors say. Featured is a retro look, and it shall be mirrorless. More »

Some of you might have already heard about Google’s latest Glasses project - one of what I must say is the most intriguing products I’ve heard about. More »

Adjusting your habits for wires is an awful burden. With Matteo Massimi’s wicked CollapseMini, worries of pesky wires will be trampled! More »

iPad 5 rumours have been out for a long time, but this newest rumour seems to be the most detailed one yet as it describes exactly in detail what to expect from the upcoming iPad release that still hasn’t been announced yet. More »

Hello Kitty may seem to be on everything imaginable, but with each passing day, something new is released that makes us question just how far Hello Kitty will go. More »

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