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Today’s Unique USB features Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma Mini Plush Speakers! What a lovely pair that is mismatched yet matching! More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Cars Lightning McQueen Flash Drive! Doubles as a keychain too. More »

Leave it to Apple to be a trendsetter in all colors. Before Apple sauntered along with its white gadgets, no company really sold white gadgets. And now, Mophie now joins the white color bandwagon with its newly minted white Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation. More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Mickey Mouse USB Hub! Here, Mickey is styled a little differently than the usual cartooning, but he still looks cute, and perhaps even a little creepy if you stare long enough. More »

Zip Earphones are basically what they’re called - earphones made out of zippers! The cords are really just one big zipper, so whenever you want to listen to music, just unzip and you’re good to go! More »

Inspired by PSY’s viral hit, ‘Gangnam Style’, this USB drive gives you horse dancing (and not to mention file storage) on the go! The USB drive is designed to look like PSY doing the horse dance and ranges from 4GB to 32GB. If you’re willing to pay $17-$35 for a flash drive, then this is a must buy for collectors and KPOP lovers! More »

Swiss firm Delizio has just introduced the Delizio Uno! More »

The Yubi de Piano is a new electronic musical toy that emits sounds like a piano! More »

A new device called hiku makes grocery shopping a whole lot easier! More »

Urbanears reveals their third pair of headphones under their Urbanears Editions Range. They are called the Plattan Tweed headphones, made from Harris Tweed, 100% virgin wool! More »

The classy iPhone usually comes in black or white, but Colorware is now selling the iPhone 5 in customizable designs for the small price of well, $1,700 dollars. More »

Best Buy has just revealed its exclusive pair of red Beats, just in time for the holidays! More »

Samsung Electronics has just announced the launch a new Samsung MP3 player, called the W1, which can be used interchangeably with the Galaxy S III. More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Chicken Wing Flash Drive! Well, part of one, anyway. More »

Are you really picky about your coffee? Well, now you can get your coffee right every time and for every person with the Memory Coffee Maker. More »

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