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Bloomberg recently stated that Apple’s iWatch will be released sometime this year. Features on this high tech watch include mapping, voice calling, notification display, and other innovative tools initiated just by a tap on the screen. More »

For the ultimate hipsters who love to take pictures of all their food adventures, why not combine the both and get this classy Donut Shaped Camera? This soft plastic bad boy features a 3-megapixel sensor and features a few filters as well. More »

Apple iPhone owners, tired of the chunky iPhone cases that seem to just take up a lot of unnecessary space? The AL13 iPhone bumper, from Designed by M, enhances the natural graceful look without disrupting the phone itself. It claims less material but great coverage and protection. Sounds like a good deal, no? More »

LG has been getting creative and it looks like 2014 will see the first WebOS powered television according to vice president of communications at LG, John Taylor. Taylor confirms that WebOS is in “fast rack development” and will be a “product very soon”. More »

Do you find it really irritating when you can’t seem to use your phone whenever you’re holding an umbrella to keep yourself safe from the rain? You always need to keep your hand steady just so that it won’t bend over… More »

Tired of those lame 2D drawings and sketches you always make? Now, have your sketch come to life with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. Sketches can instantly turn 3D with this pen’s special ink and heater. More »

Google has impressed its tech-savvy audience with its latest product, the Google Glass, which is a futuristic pair of specs. The glasses feature a mini computer processor, battery and a screen. It is also able to access Google Maps or record video. More »

PowerSkin has released their new 2,000 mAh external battery pack made for the iPhone, the Pop’n, which retails for a price of $79.99. More »

HTC is attracting attention, as their upcoming devices “HTC One” and “HTC M7” seem to be the same device! More »

It seems like Apple thinks it’s current passcode security isn’t reliable enough and is looking towards other forms of security like voice or image security to better protect their consumers. More »

Are you and your girlfriend or boyfriend known as the ‘geeky’ couple? Are you also having a hard time picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Well, worry no more as I will list presents for the geekiest of technology couples. More »

The useful Square Card Reader (a mobile payment processor for Android users) has now been made nationally available to those on Verizon Wireless. More »

Keys will be a thing of the past with this program. Recently, CalypsoCase and CalypsoKey have been revealed to the public, eliminating the use of a key to get into a house. Your smartphone then becomes the key, using the two tools without the need of an app. More »

Makers of the power-generating rocking chair, MICASA LAB from Zurich, claims that by rocking the iRock chair, you can up the battery life of an Apple iPad. More »

Meet Porter. The world’s first driving dog. That’s what this video claims as it shows a dog slowly driving a car by himself. More »

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