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A source close to Google has reported that Google is currently “actively exploring” the idea of creating a smartwatch. More »

Nowadays, it’s quite a problem to find a record player capable of playing vinyl albums, but now you won’t have that problem any longer with Pyle Audio’s new retro-styled turntable. More »

Ever need to use your phone while drinking a nice cup of coffee? This iPhone case will make that task easier with its cup holder design. Natwerk came up with the idea and is currently trying to get funding from Indiegogo. More »

Meze an audio brand who focuses on giving you the best quality sound has recently released some brand new elegant yet modern wood headphones! More »

With the huge market in ear phones nowadays, it’s relatively hard to get new earphones out in the market. With that in mind, ECKOUNLTD developed a new line of GLOW earbuds that will definitely steal all the attention. More »

Are you lonely or just in need of a eating buddy? MissoSoup Design has revealed a ramen bowl that can keep you company while you eat. Well, sort of. More »

From Wirebot: There are no official confirmations yet, but according to a report, Microsoft is planning to integrate Skype into the next generation Xbox. More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Wooden Hippo Flash Drive! What kind of wood? Walnut wood, actually, I think. More »

Sony recently announced not too long ago about their latest update to its Walkman W series! Designed for sports addicts and swimmers, the NWD-W273 will come in the colors of black, blue and white! More »

From Flauntme: Long nails and touch screens do not get along and it can take some nimble finger acrobatics to get in touch with the display. Sri Vellanki at Tech Tips has created an over-the-fingertip stylus taking away some of the hassle, but the next step was to then figure out how to integrate it into wearable fashion nails. More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Fruit Doughnut USB Hub! Two kinds of sweets in one, what a treat! More »

Today’s Unique USB features a Free-standing Watermelon Webcam! It’s a watermelon perched on a green table. More »

Although most homes and buildings will be found using LED lights, it’s only natural that CFL lights will soon come to rise. More »

The extremely hyped about Pebble smartwatches were originally supposed to be shipped out in September, but plans were delayed due to the staggering amount of pre-orders that were placed. Just recently, CEO Eric Migicovsky stated that the watches will start being shipped out on January 23rd. More »

Great news for iPhone holders as the new uNu DX Protective Battery Case will allow your battery to live twice as long and up to two days on one charge. The case is also not as bulky as it would seem and is only 15mm thick with a decent design. More »

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