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Google could be on the way to releasing a 7 inch Android tablet, and Fusible have reason to believe that the tablet’s name could be Google Play. This is due to Google being busy registering a list of different domain names to do with the subject. More »

From Htcyou: Google recently made a deal with Motorola and bought the Motorola Mobility department approved by both the US and EU. Though the deal has been approved, it had been stated that both companies would remain completely separate from each other. More »

From Htcyou: Like last year, Google will be giving out limited edition Android pins at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and this time the company is also inviting you to make your own pins! For this year’s event, Google has designed around 85 pins that will be given out, traded and scattered at all the booths at the MWC. More »

A lot of people seem to be really keen on getting more privacy whilst surfing the net. Google are looking to appeal to those who dislike pop-ups and want to keep their searching details private, which is why they are introducing a “Do Not Track” button for their Google Chrome browser. Once clicked, the Google Chrome user’s browsing history will not be used to create tailored ads. More »

Apple hates Android for life, and Android despises Apple pretty much just as much. It’s no news that the two giants couldn’t get along (it’s a shame, really), and we really can’t blame them at all. However, as bans of devices tend to grow among the world, it is something that directly affects you and me. It’s not just about what belongs to who and who has invaded the other’s property anymore. More »

From Htcyou: Google is rumored to be working on some HUD glasses that provide a display with a computer interface with a few buttons on its arms. It will come with a transparent LCD or AMOLED display and apparently it will slightly look like the Oakley Thump MP3 glasses shown above. More »

Google look like they’ve got a new device that they’re asking the FCC to check on. Google have submitted an application to the FCC in which they request permission to test an “entertainment device” which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There aren’t actually many details to go off but it’s known that the device can connect to home WiFi networks and other home electronics equipment. More »

In a bid to increase users of Google+, the minimum age has now been lowered to 13 years old, to match that of Facebook’s minimum age. Google’s Vice President, Product Management, Bradley Horowitz said that the decrease in the minimum age to join Google+ has been bought about with the objective to compete with Facebook. More »

… and you get arguably the most beautiful objects ever. I definitely wouldn’t mind having these fashion statements in my closet! More »

From Htcyou: EU regulators have recently announced that they will decide on the deal between Google and Motorola Mobility on February 13th. The EU Commission previously set a January 10th deadline to decide whether Google could take over the handset maker, but it was suspended as Google still has to reach certain documents. More »

The SOPA and PIPA is pretty big right now indeed, with Wikipedia and Reddit and various other sites shutting down for their protests towards the unreasonable bill. I’m sure you have all heard it all through the news, or read it online, or talked about it with your friends, but here, I’m speaking from a high schooler’s view, who still has school work to do and Facebook to contact my friends and relatives with. It’s not deep, but it’s reality. More »

Google’s mobile web app for Google+ has been refreshed with a couple of new features that are bought about in mind to create an experience closer to that of the desktop version. This update throws in the “What’s Hot” feature and the ability to see who’s 1′d posts. More »

Google has recently released a video introducing its new ‘Google Maps Play Your World‘ feature for Google+ Games, which will be launched in February. The tool will get an element of fun that is more interesting than its usual navigation function. More »

From Htcyou: Google has been gathering hardware partners in develop of their possibly new version of Google TV. A recent report from Bloomberg points out that Korean manufacturer LG will be on board for the new device. More »

From Htcyou: On Android’s Google+ webpage, their latest entry wants to find out the coolest and best places that users have taken their Android toy figure. More »

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