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Despite being only a low-end phone, the ZTE N880E debuted with a sweet Android 4.1, which is where most of the high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III are staying at now. However, the Chinese company isn’t going to just stop there, as the 4.2 update has already arrived. More »

Samsung is working with Korean jewelry brand Stonehenge to create limited edition, blingy accessories for the Galaxy Note 2. More »

Despite not being out there on the market for that long, Apple’s iPhone 5 is now available from AT&T as refurbished units with a price as low as $99. More »

Claudia Copersito designed what could be the next biggest thing, the Wallet. The Wallet is a portable device that functions as a phone, camera, and a tablet. A phonemerablet if you would. Here comes the great part: it is as small as a normal wallet! More »

Those of you that are looking for a nice Samsung Galaxy S III, Radioshack has some nice sweetness for you out there that may as well count as an early Christmas gift. More »

Even though the Galaxy S III Mini smartphone was just recently released, an unlocked version of the device is already available on Amazon for $419.95 - $180 cheaper than the retail pricing. More »

At $19 per month, Android is offering Republic Wireless. This is a traditional smartphone service specially made to utilize wi-fi whenever possible for data, calls and texts, and then essentially “roam” on a cellular network when you’re out of wi-fi range. More »

While Samsung has been introducing lots of different new colors for the Galaxy S III, which now comes in Garnet Red, Amber Brown and Sapphire Black as well, SamMobile has reported that the company will continue on to introduce new colors for the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III Mini sometime early next year. More »

If you missed your chance to pick up a Google Nexus 10 tablet for yourself but is still hoping to grab one, the 16GB model has been re-stocked and up for grabs! More »

Girls like me who loves flowery stuff and adores Samsung with all their heart, I bring good news from Sammy. Samsung seems to be getting into a color blast recently with all the new colors they are offering, and certainly they won’t be missing out on us who adores flowers and patterns! More »

This leak came out of nearly nowhere, with no information whatsoever. It is definitely quite obvious that it comes with stock Android. More »

We all know that curiosity kills a cat, and apparently Samsung can’t take it either. While Apple and HTC makes friends through their recent settlement, Samsung was busy filing a request to have a sneak peak of the licensing agreement. More »

AT&T has quite a few goodies to offer with their new releases that will definitely start off your weekend very pleasantly. More »

A rumor recently surfaced, claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S IV could very possibly have a 5″ 1080p display. As hard to believe as it is, it could very well be actually legit. More »

Since the “Next Big Thing is Already Here”, we should be expecting the “next next big thing”, which its first rumor has arrived. Asia Economics has reported that Samsung is currently planning to release their Galaxy S IV with a 5 inch 1920×1080 HD Super AMOLED display. More »

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