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Samsung is keeping the rumors of what they will be offering in the future alive in the Android World. More »

T-Mobile’s developed a set of ads to respond to AT&T’s one page attack ad from last week. Although T-Mobile isn’t exactly the best phone service out there, that doesn’t mean they’re one to mess with! More »

In the latest rumors it is said that Samsung is going to use the Smart Stay feature that is seen on the Galaxy S III, on the Galaxy S IV. More »

It’s not official yet, but a press image sent to the team over at PhoneArena reveals what possibly could be a leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 in a new color other than Marble White. More »

The White House has started their support, for a petition that has been put up on the White House’s website, asking for a new law that will universally allow people to unlock their cell phone. More »

T-Mobile may be making major changes in March. It has been said that the company plans to eliminate contracts and early termination fees and to put installment payments into effect for its equipment. More »

Due to increases in royalty rates, Pandora will now be charging you if you listen to radio on your mobile for over 40 hours per month. More »

Samsung is making managing all of your tickets, passes, memberships and coupons, easy with the Samsung Wallet. More »

Let’s face it, we all know that even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is a capable Android tablet, it gets really troubling since it’s a really huge mobile phone. It gets really difficult t hold especially when you’re driving that car. More »

So Liquipel is this cool awesome, water-resistant coating that is used with your phones and tablets and gives them resistance against anything liquid, hence the name. More »

If you always wanted to go on T-Moblile but the contracts were too big of a commitment, fear not for T-Mobile has added a new “no-contract” line to their series of plans called GoSmartMobile. More »

Although the Mobile World Congress this year hasn’t happened yet, a lot of things are being unveiled beforehand it seems. LG has just recently announced that their Optimus F5 and Optimus F7 Android smartphones will be getting released later on this year. More »

Samsung’s no stranger to keeping the spotlight on their already released devices. Take last year for example, where they released a pink Samsung Galaxy Note ahead of Valentine’s Day - well, the exact same thing happened this year but with the Galaxy Note II along with the partner tablet. Now a Martian Pink version is set to be unveiled… More »

HTC released multiple teaser images all morning and afternoon, with the last photo featuring many large devices disguised underneath a black cloth. More »

With rumors saying the new handset will be HTC’s successor to the HTC One, “M7” is set to launch in Europe and North America at any time. It seems to look an awful lot like Apple’s most recent iPhone, featuring chamfered edges, boarders top and bottom screen, and even a seemingly black anodized frame. More »

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