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The Nexus 4S seems to be a hard device to grab a hold but great news has come about as a new batch of the smartphone has been shipped. More »

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is currently lacking some creative colors but it looks like the latest rumors say that the device will be getting a classic black look in early 2013. More »

LG has known to be environmentally friendly with their products, including refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and vacuum cleaners, and now the Optimus G has been certified to be Carbon-Free by the CarbonFund Foundation. More »

While curse words and provocative imagery are growing eerily common in the states, South Korea wants none of the sort. Their government is taking charge with a plan to get rid of pornography and swearing on phones of all teenagers. More »

According to a Korean website named Enuri, Samsung is rumored to launch their upcoming Galaxy phone, the Galaxy S4 this coming April 2013! More »

The popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy S III hasn’t waned a bit, but rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 have also been hot. Check out this render of the device to get yourself even more excited. More »

Get ready for a super action camera in the Geonaute 360! More »

With significant increases in sales this year, Samsung strives to be the number one smartphone brand of 2012. This would interrupt Nokia’s 14 year streak as the best smartphone brand. More »

Stalking just got much easier. The MirrorCase is an iPhone case that uses a mirror to allow you to secretly film others. More »

MobileFun has a new wireless charging solution for Samsung’s Galaxy S III device. More »

If you’re ever in a situation where dialing 911 in dangerous, USA’s four largest wireless carriers have agreed to relay text messages to text-enabled 911 call centers by May 2014. More »

Just a late notice, if you are one of those are tend to be slow on all updates and stuff. So if you own an HTC EVO 4G LTE and it takes you until now to realize that the Jelly Bean update has arrived, well, good news! - the Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update is now here. More »

Google has always been generous in sharing its services with everyone, despite the different operating systems - it benefits everyone, so why not? So iOS users are lucky enough to get all the different Google services like Gmail and Youtube without having to switch to Android. More »

While we were almost completely certain that the Galaxy S4 would be soon revealed to the world and move on to be sold, it apparently won’t be the case - as Samsung will not be announcing the Galaxy S4 in January, according to CNET. More »

If you have Verizon for your Galaxy S III, then the Jelly Bean update really has been a little late. But still, it’s here, and something is always better than nothing, yeah? More »

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