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Don’t forget that CES 2013 is coming up in January. A teaser video has been posted recently on Samsung’s YouTube page SamsungTomorrow, just to remind you of some massive reveals prepared for the event. It’s just a short snippet but check it out if you’re interested: More »

Microsoft is taking complete advantage of the frequent errors of Androids by promoting their own Windows Phone, and it seems like they’re even going as far as giving out prizes for the complains of disgruntled Android users! More »

Have you always wanted big techy companies to invite you in their holiday parties especially this coming Christmas? Well too bad that won’t be happening anytime soon since it doesn’t really exist. However, if you’re curious as to what these invitation might look like, then check out how Wired magazine imagined it to be like below! More »

Rumour has it that the next version of Android is going to be called Key Lime Pie. More »

Were you looking for a fun smartphone stand for your desk? Well look no further because Foxjail’s Robot Smartphone Stand will add a little life to your desk. More »

Many of us use Instagram quite often, but one band decides to take it to the next level. With the phone app, The Plastics Revolution made a music video for their song, ‘Invasión’, entirely from pictures. More »

Woven is and app for Android and iOS that grabs all of your photos from your computer or from your online accounts and aggregates them into a huge photo album. More »

The huge success Apple has in the mobile world has also been a great benefit for Samsung, but rumor has is that this will end soon. More »

Consumer Reports again has released an annual list ranking U.S. phone carriers. More »

Meizu, a Chinese company, is soon releasing their newly developed smartphone, the MX2. More »

With a really old Galaxy Ace in my hand, there is definitely no doubt I’m looking for a new phone, preferably Android. However, despite the fact that I pay so much attention to all the releases and launches and Android-related news, there is no way will I ever be standing on top of the Android ladder - because there simply isn’t a top. More »

Numerous luxurious gadgets have been released into the market, including smartphones coated with alligator skin or diamonds. Now, adding to that group of gadgets is Sony’s Xperia P, coated in 24 karat gold. More »

Larger than the Galaxy S III, but popular nonetheless, the 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note II has reported a total of five million units sold worldwide. More »

Lenovo’s smartphones are pretty average compared to other smartphones, but one feature sets them above the rest. A 29 hour battery life. That’s over a day of power! More »

While Samsung is getting much of the glory of the smartphone market these days, its Korean buddy, LG, isn’t falling behind too much. According to a recent South Korean publication, LG is planning on releasing a smartphone that will go face-to-face with the anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV. More »

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