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- Rumors has been going around that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will come in black!

- Google was successfully able to remove 2 billion fake views in Youtube. More »

Samsung is becoming a large force to reckoned with as the company will be adding two new facilities to be constructed in 2013 in the US. Samsung has announced big plans to expand next year and strengthen its power. More »

While curse words and provocative imagery are growing eerily common in the states, South Korea wants none of the sort. Their government is taking charge with a plan to get rid of pornography and swearing on phones of all teenagers. More »

- Amazon has been doing pretty well this year as they were able to sell quite a number of items this holiday season.

- Rumor has it that this coming March, Apple will release its 5th generation of the iPad Mini. More »

On December 26th, Microsoft announced their plans to open 6 permanent stores in 2013. They announced their locations, but not the dates for when this will happen yet. More »

This year, Amazon hit record shattering sales, with over 26.5 million items ordered on the site on the peak day of the holiday season. This breaks Amazon’s record of most sales per second, averaging 306 items sold per second. More »

- The Geonaute 360 is up and ready for some action.

- This Sakar Hello Kitty tablet is most definitely the cutest Android tablet yet. More »

The iPad 4th generation has just been released in October, but some are already guessing at the release date for the 5G. The 5th generation iPad is rumored to be released next March. More »

- The Acase Black Diamond 3 is one cool and unique bluetooth speaker.

- It looks like China is trying to pass a bill to tighten their control over the internet. More »

- NASA is offering some free e-books to those who own an iPad

- Rumor has it that Apple’s 5th gen iPad is coming this March, as well as, the iPad mini is currently in the works. More »

- Apple has just released a new television ad which features the iPad and the iPad Mini.

- It has been said that Google is currently working with Motorola to build a “X” phone. More »

Stalking just got much easier. The MirrorCase is an iPhone case that uses a mirror to allow you to secretly film others. More »

- A leaked photo of the Poloaroid IM1836 presents an Android powered interchangeable lens.

- Google would like to introduce to you their very own Santa Tracker which is complete with Android application. More »

- The ‘nearby’ feature of Facebook helps locate places near you.

- Google launches their ‘Surprise Calendar Countdown’ with some daily deals until 2013. More »

- Samsung wishes us a happy holiday with paper crafts and a Gakaxy Note 2.

- Apple has just announced that the first weekend sale of the iPhone 5 in China was able to sell around two million units! More »

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