Sony with it’s upcoming Xperia ZR is the latest to jump on the waterproof phone bandwagon. It’s said to be water resistant up to 5 feet. The 4.6 inch phone will also have the ability to take photos and record HD video underwater via a large button on the side of the phone. More »

Judging by this listing on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s (SIG) Bluetooth-certification database, it would appear that the testing for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is complete and a release is upon us. The Bluetooth SIG is considered to have control over the Bluetooth standard so any manufacturer wishing to feature bluetooth on its device must receive certification from Bluetooth SIG. In other words, this is as legit as you can get when it comes to detecting evidence of new phone launches. More »

It’s a great day to be an Amazon Kindle Fire owner. To kick off the launch of Amazon’s own virtual currency, Amazon Coins, Amazon gave Kindle Fire users 500 Amazon coins ($5 USD). Amazon Coins working similarly to Bitcoin functions as cash to use towards the purchase of apps, in-app purchases and games. More »

A new report has forecast that the number of mobile phone subscriptions is on track to surpass the number of people in the world by 2014. More »

Word on the tech block recently is that Apple is planning a complete redesign for iOS 7 that is suppose to move away from the “skeuomorphic” look it has relied on to date, which designs digital objects like real-world objects. Now, thanks to one digital agency, they’ve released a video imagining what this kind of redesign might actually look like. More »

It’s not underage drinking that does it, but texting - which has just replaced drunk driving as the #1 case of teenage deaths on the road in the US. More »

Parkour just isn’t for ballsy individuals — there’s a robot by the name of RHex that possesses the ability to jump, leap and bound. RHex was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania created to aid their, “Toward a Vocabulary of Legged Leaping” paper. Check the bot in action below: More »

Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe is looking to design hourglasses that rely on kinetic energy of falling sand to power a light bulb. More »

Google quietly axed SMS Search Friday night. If you’re asking, “What the heck is this SMS Search thing?” or “Should I be sad that it’s gone?” Well, yes and no. SMS Search is a Google service in which users can text search query and you’ll receive an SMS response with search result texts and no links. It was mostly helpful for people with limited data or no data plan on their phones. More »

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield recently released an eye-opening 5-part Youtube series on how space effects the senses. Each video covers each of the senses — check it out here: More »

Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, iCase of the Day! This daily piece features a case for your Apple device from iPhones to iPads. Some cases are definitely more girly than others, but some might impress just about anyone! More »

The super eye-catching iPhone Mashup Shoe design was created by Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation, a Dutch 3D printing house. Standing steady as a pair of 3D printed platform heels, the most interesting detail is that it’s built with a holster on the side that would be able to hold onto an iPhone. More »

For about $13 an hour, tired travelers can catch some ZZZs in Abu Dhabi Airport’s GoSleep pods in between flights. When open, the GoSleep pod looks like a chair but will fold out into a flat bed featuring a cover that pulls over the pod to block you from the hustle and bustle of everyday airport life. Each pod is equipped with Internet access and outlets for charging devices. Not only you can sleep, you can surf the web and charge your devices in peace! More »

Earlier this week, the FCC revealed an interesting tidbit that might make your next flight through the skies a bit more pleasant - at least in terms of staying connected. More »

You’ve probably seen it before. That is, someone posting their delicious meal on Instagram making your mouth water. It’s the perfect way to show off your well marbled USDA Prime, Cowboy Ribeye grilled to perfection alongside your Pinot Noir Etude red wine… Well, except if you’re an identity theft named is Nathaniel Troy Maye. More »

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