When T-Mobile launched their “UNcarrier” business strategy, it threw everyone for a loop, including Attorney General Bob Ferguson. According Ferguson, T-Mobile’s new advertising direction was “deceptive” and he wants to make sure each and every consumer knows what they are getting themselves into. More »

4G LTE expansions have become more widely accessible in recent times, with the last one occurring on April 18th. But now, this latest expansion will touch across Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Virginia and West Virginia. More »

Bidding for a coffee meeting with Tim Cook at the Apple headquarters has now surpassed the mark of around $500,000 , which signifies just about a 100% increase on the winning price for a CharityBuzz auction last year of $255,000. More »

Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, iCase of the Day! This daily piece features a case for your Apple device from iPhones to iPads. Some cases are definitely more girly than others, but some might impress just about anyone! More »

Earlier this month, Fujitsu unveiled a working prototype that they called a “Next-Generation User Interface for Intuitive Touch-Based Operations.” Put another way: a device that allows you to copy and digitize tangible documents using your finger - FingerLink. More »

Some of you might have already heard about Google’s latest Glasses project - one of what I must say is the most intriguing products I’ve heard about. More »

- Take pictures with the iLens which was designed by Rishi Soman.

- Looks like San Francisco is planning to build a social network for emergencies. More »

Siri is a popular tool on Apple devices and sometimes it can be a great companion to “talk” to. Don’t even deny that you’ve once tried to have a conversation with Siri at one point or another! Well, everything that you’ve said to Siri, Apple has it saved and does save it for up to 18 months. More »

A week ago, Apple made quite a large change to their program regarding defective MacBook bottom cases. The coverage period, which used to be two years, has been extended to four years after purchase! More »

Welcome to ZiggyTek’s feature, Skin of the Day! This daily piece features a skin for your Apple device from iPhones to MacBooks. These skins range from adorable cartoons to gorgeous landscapes. More »

Adjusting your habits for wires is an awful burden. With Matteo Massimi’s wicked CollapseMini, worries of pesky wires will be trampled! More »

Yahoo recently updated their blog to inform their users that they are planning to sharpen their focus on new Yahoo products by shutting down Upcoming, Yahoo! Deals, SMS Alerts, Kids, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger apps by the end of April. More »

iPad 5 rumours have been out for a long time, but this newest rumour seems to be the most detailed one yet as it describes exactly in detail what to expect from the upcoming iPad release that still hasn’t been announced yet. More »

So, the iPhone seems to be dominant in the U.S., but what about other countries? Apple has been trying to cultivate and grow its influential role in China, now the world’s largest smartphone market. That being said, of course Apple wants to be a part of that booming business. However, a new survey suggests that another phone might be preferred over the iPhone. In a poll taken, almost 60 percent of 5,000 Chinese smartphone users said they would rather buy the newest Samsung Galaxy S4 than Apple’s latest iPhone. More »

T-Mobile’s first marketing outing with the iPhone 5 made its debut globally, just before the smartphone officially went on sale in the US. To follow that up, after one of their “best weekends ever”, another marketing spot is taking place. More »

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