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From Ningin: We just received notice today that on February 1st, Facebook is planning to phase out parts of their Facebook Connect feature. Unfortunately, this may disable the Facebook Connect login system that we use on this site and on other sites in the Mixr network. For this reason, we ask that all Facebook Connect users convert their Facebook Connect accounts to Mixr Network accounts. To do so, simply visit the Settings page in your Profile and click on Facebook to Mixr Account. Following the instructions on that page will allow you to setup a password so that you can login into any site on the Mixr network with one username and password. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS YOUR ACCOUNT MAY NO LONGER BE ACCESSIBLE AFTER FEBRUARY 1ST. You’ll also lose all EXP, Reward Points, Pins, and any other special feature tied to your account. More »

From Ningin: It’s been awhile since we’ve had to do this, but we just keep growing. So tomorrow, Monday, around 10am EST, we’ll be taking our sites offline to do some upgrades to our servers and network. The process shouldn’t last more than 30-45 minutes. Thanks for your continual support! More »

In celebration of the theatrical release of Sucker Punch in theaters this Friday, we’re giving away a ButtKicker Subwoofer Kit - retail value of $400 US. Sucker Punch is filled with buttkicking action, why not experience the same action in the comfort of your own home? As a silent subwoofer that delivers powerful, inaudible bass through your couch or chair, the ButtKicker Kit makes a great addition to any home entertainment center aiming to serve intense movie watching and game playing experiences. More »

From Wirebot: Today I am happy to unveil a new feature that I’m personally very excited about, Wirebot Voices. In short, Wirebot Voices is a community blog where any one of you can post to it. There you can share your tips, guides, opinions, artwork, photos, and other musings related to gaming! For you effort, we will give you Reward Points to use in our Ningin Reward Center, Girlybubble Reward Center, and a soon to be launched Wirebot Reward Center. Essentially, blog and you can earn free stuff. We’ve always been about rewarding people for their contributions to the community, this is yet another way to do so. More »

From Ningin: We ran into an unexpected complication today with the server upgrade. To fix this, we’ll be taking our sites offline again Tuesday around 10am EST, or 7am PST. The total downtime will be about 30-60 mins. Apologies for the inconvenience. Our traffic has grown exponentially over the past few weeks and we’re just trying to keep up with it. More »

From Ningin: Since Girlybubble is growing so fast now, we need to do another round of server upgrades and maintenance. This is schedule for Monday, 11am EST to 1pm EST. That’s 8am PST to 11am PST, or 2am to 4am for those in Sydney. The total downtime should only be for about 1 hour and could start a bit earlier or later than the time specified. More »

Last month, as part of our September EXP Giveaway, we announced a giveaway of Lexar JumpDrive FireFly (16 GB) flash drives to the top 3 EXP scoring/most active users. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce our lucky winners and September’s top ZiggyTek users. Drumroll, please! More »

From Wirebot: A few weeks ago, we launched a giveaway of Final Fantasy 14 - Collector’s Edition. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the lucky winner. Drum roll, please! More »

From Wirebot: Heads up, Final Fantasy fans! We’re making your fantasies a reality with the giveaway of Final Fantasy 14 - Collector’s Edition to one lucky person. Entering to win is easy: More »

From Wirebot: Last month we launched a giveaway of Mafia II Collector’s Edition. That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the winner. Drum roll, please. More »

From Ningin: There are so many talented singers all over the world. Are you one of them? If so, you should enter our Great Asian Song-Off contest. We here at Ningin - one of the largest Asian entertainment sites in the world - want to help others find you. And we want to reward you for your talents by giving out the latest cool Apple products like an iPad, iPod Touch, and iTunes gift card. All you need to do is make a Youtube video showing off your great voice and letting us know via the comments below. You don’t need to be Asian to enter, but you do have to pick songs from Asian artists because we’re also about promoting Asian media to a mainstream audience. Read on for more details! More »

From Wirebot: We’re loving Mafia II so much that it’s only fitting that we give away Mafia II Collector’s Edition to one lucky user. Entering to win is easy: More »

From Wirebot: Now that school has started for everyone, it’s probably safe to say that your life will be a little less enjoyable with tons homework, papers, and exams re-entering your life. Well, we here at Wirebot feel your pain and we’re going to try and ease that suffering - by giving our most dedicated users a free game console + game! Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you, the Wirebot Back to School Console Giveaway! Read on for the details. More »

For September, we have three Lexar JumpDrive FireFly flash drive (16 GB) courtesy of Lexar Media that will serve as the first prize of our Monthly EXP Giveaway here on ZiggyTek. To win, all you would need to do is finish in the top 3 most active user list for the month of September. User activity is measured by our EXP system — basically anything you do on Ziggytek, be it leave a comment, promote articles on Newsstream, or suggest a user link will earn you EXP points. At the end of the month, the winner will be the person with the highest amount of EXP points. For more information about EXP, head here. Read on for more details! More »

One look at those phones and you might guess that they’re Sony Ericsson phones. I did. Well, well, it looks like we were both wrong. The sleek new T1, S1, and E1 phones from Lumigon are surely a sight to behold. More »

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