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Apple didn’t have their own Super Bowl ad this year, but they stealthily revealed their link in the “Star Treak: Into Darkness” ad. More »

Some very good news for users that hate typing in their password every time they have to download something from the App Store. iOS 6 beta, which was first released in June, now no longer requires you to type in your Apple ID password when downloading free apps. More »

For those of you who’d like tips on recipes, restaurant ratings, or food in general, there’s an app for that!… around 2800 of them! More »

Earlier this week, Apple sent off a letter to developers that revealed details on a new Food and Drink category that would be coming to the App Store in a few weeks. The category is set to include “apps that help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink.” Mmm… More »

From Htcyou: It’s taken it a while, but the Android Market has finally hit 500,000 applications published for the month of September via the “mobile app market intelligence firm” Research2Guidance. More »

On the 13th of September, there were reports of a newly released iOS game that was released on the Apple App Store for a couple of hours before it was pulled offline. The game, named Phone Story, tells users the story of the iPhone, from how it was made, all the way until the end of its lifecycle where it gets disposed of. Each part of the story is told through a collection of mini games, per stage, that users have to complete in order to move on. More »

Apple has announced its expanded available to 33 additional countries with its App Store. With this new update, now up to 123 nations can access and purchase their favorite iOS apps. Though with several African, Middle Eastern, and South Pacific nations still unrepresented for coverage, Apple still has a way to go. Check out the full list of new countries after the break: More »

Apple has reached a big milestone. The technology supergiant announced earlier that the App Store for its iOS devices has had 15 billion downloaded apps, which was equal to $2.5 billion to developers and downloaded on over 200 million iOS devices. More »

As updated on Google+, Erica Joy, a Google tech, has revealed that they’ve submitted the Google+ iOS app to Apple’s App Store for approval. Now all that is left is to wait it out and soon you can take Google+ on the go, everywhere. More »

A landmark for Apple’s iPad App Store, who has finally managed to hit 100,000+ for apps available for the popular touchscreen tablet. More »

Apple has had some big issues with their successful App Store, mainly with the restrictions and rules they have put in place for apps and their developers. It wouldn’t be such a big problem if they didn’t keep changing it. The only negative is that many great apps are being pulled out that don’t fit their accepted mold. More »

Recently, Apple and Amazon have been in a argument regarding the use of “App store“. Amazon claims that “App store” is a generic name, and when the words are put together, they signify a store where one can buy and download applications. More »

Microsoft has been filing lawsuits against Barnes & Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec for patent infringement. Now it’s Apple’s turn to add to the lawsuit fire. On March 18th, Apple officially commanded a stop to Amazon’s utilizing of the words “App Store,” claiming that there was a trademark infringement and unfair competition caused by this. Seeking unspecified damages, Apple has also requested that the courts forbid Amazon from working with the words “App Store” from now on. More »

From Htcyou: Android users, rather than being limited to one official app store as iPhone users are, have the freedom to shop outside of Google’s official Android app store at independent app stores. According to Wired, independent app stores promise more freedom, better access to apps and increased revenue for developers. Unlike Apple, Android apps do not require approval to be sold in the Android app store. More »

Mozilla has completed Firefox Home for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is waiting for Apple’s approval before the program shows up on the App Store. More »

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