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HTC is the main player in the Android and Windows Mobile smartphone bazaar and has the 8 following handhelds scheduled for release in 2010. Some of the information here is speculative, but the data is trustworthy. The Legend is all but confirmed to be HTC’s first Android phone for this year, while the Bravo looks to be Nexus One’s match. I am excited that all phones are both CDMA and GSM, so they should work with any carrier in the world. From my perspective, the only significant area that HTC phones need to do catch-up on is multi-touch, which Apple does just so splendidly. More »

We’ve covered both the top gadgets of the year and ones that didn’t quite make the list. But what about the top blog posts of the year? Based on search engine results, the following are the Top 10 ZiggyTek stories of 2009. More »

I was talking to a friend this morning over coffee and she mentioned that she’d like to have an iPhone but doesn’t like the virtual keyboard. While I don’t have a problem with virtual keyboard, I don’t think I’d be able to live without the iPod on the device. If Android offered an iPod, I would leave the iPhone. I just hate carrying two devices and so that’s my reason for sticking with the iPhone.

What’s the reason for you keeping your current mobile phone?

AT&T is being very generous this holiday season, not to the point where they’ll pay your bill, but generous enough. Today, AT&T announced that they would would be giving half-off many Blackberry handsets, including the brand new Bold 9700, and the Bold 9000 as well as other devices like the Curve 8900, 8320, 8520 and 8310. Of course this is after the mail in rebate and requires a two year contract, but if you’re going to get a two year contract with them anyway, you might as well cash in on this offer, especially since it’s only for the holiday season. While RIM is ruling the AT&T sales, that’s not all they have to offer for the holidays. More »

The Ebay Mobile app has been on the iPhone for a while now, the latest manufacturer to get the mobile app is Blackberry’s App World. The App was released for business users who also wanted their Ebay purchases integrated in with the rest of their phones, so they can check it on the go. It is a full feature application that is designed to accept PayPal payments. More »

The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I can give up my iPhone and switch to another carrier and use a different smartphone. The more I think about it, the more I don’t want to give up the iPhone. It’s one of those unique devices that does everything you want it to do, in a simplistic way.

Even with that said, if there is a better device out here, I’d like a chance to try it out. One of the devices I want to use is the HTC Hero. I’ve played with it for a few minutes but not enough to really get a feel for it. I really did like the Android software, which has been growing at a rapid pace.

If you had to switch your current phone, which cellphone or smartphone would you get? Do you think the iPhone is the best phone out there in the market right now?

Christmas is right around the corner, so it’s never too early to prepare for Christmas shopping. To help make it easier for you, we’ll be providing lists of some of the best gadgets out in the market during the next few weeks. So come check us out during the next few weeks and we’ll help you pick out gadgets you want for some of your favorite people on that Christmas list.

To help get it started, the first gadget group we’ll be targeting is smartphones. We all know how popular smartphones are nowadays and so it makes sense to give someone who’s constantly on the go and needs to stay connected, one of the best smartphones in the market. Here are some of the best smartphones in the current market from various companies. More »

Last week, I receieved the Peek Pronto from the folks at Peek to do a quick review and test out their latest promo, lifetime service with the purchase of a Peek through Amazon. While I was excited to be trying out the Peek device, I was disappointed with the keyboard. Actually, I think I hate all physical keyboards on smartphones. I didn’t realize how annoying it was to type on a smartphone with physical keys until I started using the Peek. To make sure it wasn’t the Peek’s keyboard that bothered me, I used my sister’s Palm Treo, and my friend’s blackberry and they gave me the same feeling, frustration. More »

Remember that white BlackBerry Bold we told you about before? It has a release date now. That’s right, October 18th you can go out to your local AT&T store and pick up your very own Bold in a shiny white case.

You aren’t going to get any more than that, but at least you can tell your friends with iPhones that they won’t be the only ones on the block with white smartphones anymore.

[Engadget Mobile via BGR]

RIM is going white with their Blackberry Bold. According to Engadget, RIM has released a white Blackberry Bold on the T-Mobile network, with a AT&T device coming in mid-October.

While I’m not too sure about carrying around a white phone, it may sell. Similar to the Apple iPhone in white, it could be the alternative many want. I had a white iPhone and it was dirty within a week, so expect similar problems for the Blackberry devices. But it is a nice alternative for those interested in an all-white Blackberry.

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Hospitals are where millions of lives are saved everyday, so shouldn’t they be the ones that are the most technologically advanced? That’s a question that the government asked when they supplied hospitals nationwide $30 Billion Stimulus dollars to switch to electronic records instead of the good old pen and paper. They are also offering doctors bonus payments if they cross the finish line to electronic by 2011. This is going to be hard on the hospitals, the government, and the doctors themselves but going in without a plan is just asking for chaos. So, here are three IT systems that are currently being tested in hospitals nationwide: More »

Smart phones become more and more advanced each day and with it come security problems. For example, the handset could get lost but it can be easily replaced .The big problem would be the data on it. Once it’s lost, you can’t get it back. Good thing some manufacturers have created software that allows you to erase the data on your missing phone, so it is no longer accessible. Here are the top smart phone software that give you the option of remotely erasing your data. More »

Police Officers in Balitmore will now be sporting Blackberries to get their job done. The city will be using $5.3 million in federal stimulus money to make this new plan work. The Baltimore PD is hoping to ue Blackberries to get the latest information on warrants and be more efficient in doing their jobs. More »

Beta version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager has hit the net. Blackberry is scheduled to release the Desktop manager for Macs sometime this month. The Desktop manager will let users easily sync iTunes, Address Book and iCal. The Beta version is supposedly stable and works well.

(Via Engadget)

Verizon has had it with the Blackberry Storm and wants to get rid of it ASAP. That’s why they’ve dropped the price on the extremely hyped but unpopular phone to $50. Blackberry’s first foray into a touch-screen phone turned out to be a failure. There’s also been rumors up an upcoming Blackberry Storm 2, so it makes sense for Verizon to get rid of these ASAP. More »

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