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Popular open-source platform Linux has recently released its new Kernel version 3.1, which comes with support for NFC (Near Field Communication) as well as drivers for Wiimotes. There are also some small updates such as improved power management and better support for Intel’s Ivy Bridge and Cedar Trail chips. More »

Google has finally done something to cater to its Linux users. After all, said users have been waiting eagerly for Google Music to make an appearance on their favorite OS. More »

Last week at the e-Book Expo Tokyo, Fujitsu was given the chance to unveil its newest color e-reader dubbed, “flossy flossy.” Measuring at 8-inches, this 157 dpi cholestric LCD module abandons Windows and its weight for a lighter, Linux-operated system. It still contains its original color range, but writing speeds became much faster. Too bad it seems like the U.S. won’t get this cool baby but you can still watch a demonstration of it after the break. More »

Fabrice Bellard’s latest project, a JavaScript programme emulating an x86 processor fast enough to run Linux in a web browser, looks the business. It can do the work of an Intel 486 chip from the 1990s, with no built in floating point united from numeric processing. More »

Martin Magnusson a researcher and an entrepreneur has created his own wearable computer by using a Beagle Board, a pair of Myvu Crystal video glasses, a bluetooth keyboard and an iPhone. A DIY wearable computer is like something from a sci-fi movie!This small but terrific gadget runs Angstrom Linux and it relies on a bluetooth keyboard for input and a tethered iPhone for its Internet connectivity. More »

If you thought that the iPad had a low-resolution screen before, then Kno’s dual-screen tablet with twin 14.1″ 1440×900 screens will have you agog. The 5-and-a-half pound behemoth comes with, get this, a stylus! Somewhere, Steve Jobs just threw up a little! Using IPS panels, the Linux based Kno’s LCDs should compare favorably with the iPad. More »

From Htcyou: Due to security concerns about Microsoft Windows, everyone working at Google, including the Android OS team, is now being directed towards Mac OS X or Linux. If employees wish to use Windows to their own peril, they require “CIO approval.” More »

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