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From Htcyou: Open to UK residents 18 years and over, Mobile Fun’s Love Your Mobile contest is giving away an unlocked HTC Desire worth £399.95. Entries will be accepted until July 5th. More »

From Htcyou: Sprint’s first HTC Evo 4G giveaway included paid vacations, but its was open only to Premiere customers. This new Facebook contest makes any American adult eligible to win one of ten Evo 4G super-smartphones. More »

From Wirebot: Every Friday, Wirebot announces the giveaway of a new game as part of the Weekly Wirebot Giveaway. This week’s Weekly Wirebot Giveaway is Assassin’s Creed 2 (for Xbox 360). Entering to win is easy: More »

From Htcyou: In addition to giving away 10 HTC Evo 4G smartphones, Sprint is rewarding four winners with a trip to Maui, Chicago, Las Vegas, or Houston, from where each will video blog about his/her Evo 4G experiences. All ten winners get to blog about the Evo 4G, and the one whose blog is voted the best by the general public wins $4,000. The catch is that Sprint’s contest is open only to Premier customers. More »

From Wirebot: Every Friday Wirebot will give away a game over Twitter or Facebook. Participating to win a game is simple. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter to retweet what we tell you, and/or fan us on Facebook. More »

From Ningin: Not long ago, we launched this epic Mixr Rewards giveaway of a choice between a Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii along with their respective controllers as second place prizes. Entering this contest was a piece of mochi. All you had to do was post a comment to any of our blog posts and have it appear on your Facebook wall from Ningin or Ziggytek. The more active you were, the higher your chances to become a winner. This is basically what winning looks like: More »

From Ningin: For most of us here, this week has been epic for the release of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII. I’m not even much of a gamer and I know this much. I also know that despite the title, FF XIII is more fantasy than it is final. This week we’d like to make your fantasy come true by giving away a copy of Final Fantasy XIII. More »

Last month we launched a Fall in love with Ziggytek giveaway of an Apple iPod Touch (32 GB). That giveaway has since ended and now it’s time to announce the lucky winner. Drum roll, please! More »

Seventy-one year old Georgia resident Louie Sulcer could not believe his ears when he received a call from a man claiming that he was none other than Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “Sure, it is…” was Sulcer’s response, but the caller insisted that he was indeed Steve Jobs. Well, guess what? It was him. More »

Although Valentine’s Day is officially over, February, the month of love, isn’t. To show our love, we’re giving away one brand new Apple iPod Touch 3G (32GB). Music is love — why not listen to it with an Apple iPod Touch? More »

Sony is partnering up with YouTube for the video-epicenter’s annual PROJECT:REPORT contest. There are two rounds in this years contest. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen from round one via a panel of judges from the Pulitzer Center. The end of round two will yield five winners. More »

From Wirebot: EA Games has some impressive stuff out now and more in the next few weeks like: Mass Effect 2, Dante’s Inferno, and Battlefield 2: Bad Company. This February, we’re giving three lucky people a chance to own one of these games. Well, people who own XBOX 360s. On to the details: More »

From Ningin: The holidays have come and gone and now it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. If you can recall in November, we launched a Mixr Holiday Rewards giveaway of an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and game controllers in promotion of our Facebook Connect feature. Facebook connect enables you to login to Mixr sites via Facebook. And boy did you people Facebook-it-up! The giveaway has recently ended and now we’d like to announce the lucky winners! More »

As I am sitting here in my room listening to my beloved 2NE1, I may be totally oblivious to the fact that a hacker is covertly accessing all my files and information. Although this is relatively unlikely, there is no doubt that people out there could have pulled it off with ease. More »

From Ningin: It’s true, Christmas did arrive earlier than usual this year with the Mixr Holiday Rewards giveaway of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Recently, we’ve decided that the early arrival of Christmas just isn’t enough for our beloved users. In light of that decision, Mixr is officially extending the Mixr Holiday Rewards deadline to Dec. 31. That’s right, you now have more time to enter to win a Nintendo Wii or Xbox 360! More »

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