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From Htcyou: A lot has been written about “Antenna Gate,” some of it from raging fanboys and fangirls who are blind, and some of it from more balanced and level headed perspectives. While HTC, Nokia, RIM, and Samsung vehemently try to disassociate themselves from Apple’s highly publicized iPhone 4 antenna problems, anyone who has done even half an hour of research on the topic will learn that Apple’s claims are mostly true. More »

Apple is giving free bumper cases to every iPhone 4 buyer, but the present offer extends only until September 30th. When Steve Jobs was asked why the freebies end on the 30th of September, he replied, “”We will re-examine this in September and decide whether to keep going, or maybe we will have a better idea.” Is Apple going to release the iPhone 5 in October? Improbable. More »

From Htcyou: When Apple held its press conference to address the iPhone 4’s antenna issues (Antenna Gate), one of the phones singled out by Steve Jobs was the HTC Droid Eris, which can be seen as dropping significant amount of signal when “death-gripped.” HTC has responded. More »

5. According to a UK study, Nokia could be in serious trouble when time arrives for buyers to purchase another smartphone, as most are going for the iPhone 4, an Android, or a BlackBerry. More »

Microsoft’s ambitious Vista operating system is viewed as a failure on many levels. Keven Turner, Microsoft COO, took an unfriendly jab at Apple’s iPhone 4 antenna problems, saying, “It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that.” Is Turner speaking too soon, especially when his company’s Windows Phone 7 faces serious challenges ahead of its launch? More »

The ongoing story of the iPhone 4 antenna continues. Consumer Reports once said not to worry about the signal loss issues widely voiced by owners. Today, the firm, after thorough testing, has changed its stance and states that it “can’t recommend the iPhone 4.” More »

5. Samsung’s Galaxy S is landing in Canada for Bell; T-Mobile’s version gets pictured. Verizon and US Cellular get theirs, but Sprints Epic 4G uniquely has WiMAX 4G and a slide-out QWERTY keypad. More »

When Apple employee Gray was field-testing the prototype iPhone 4, he had the unit inside of a case, which kept his skin from making direct contact with the twin antennae around the iPhone’s steel rim. More »

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