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According to the New York Post, FB CEO Mark Zuckerberg plans to bring Hulu and possibly even Netflix into Facebook. More »

International expansion is something that can only happen when a site has been established enough. Mentioning Hulu, I’m sure you all know what it is when you hear the name. The popular online video streaming service has plans to head to the East and launch in Japan later this year. More »

Hulu, a subscription service that offers online streaming TV shows, movies, and other media clips. As expected, they do offer apps, in collaboration with Apple. But knowing Apple’s horrible subscription rules, Hulu now has to comply and remove ALL links to external subscription signups from their iOS app. As you can see from the picture, the link on the bottom is gone in the second picture. More »

The BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM just launched last Tuesday, but the creators of the tablet already have more plans for the PlayBook. Ever since Hulu locked the possibility of anyone viewing their videos on their website (just after the tablet’s release) and RIM didn’t like that. And they’re definitely not shy about it.

According to PC Mag and The Wall Street Journal, this is what the email statement from the tablet’s creators states: “We are in conversations with Hulu to bring the Hulu Plus subscription service to BlackBerry PlayBook users.”

Looks like the owners of their own BlackBerry PlayBook will be missing their Hulu hours.


Online video service Hulu believes that it will have 1 million subscribers by the end of 2011. It is a bold statement, but not an unwarranted one as it continues to exceed expectations by meeting interests and staving off other video services competition. However, when Hulu unveiled its subscription service back in 2010 (Hulu Plus), many people were skeptical. After all, who in their right mind would pay a monthly fee to watch a few free shows on the Internet? More »

According to a report from comScore, the US online audience watched 19.4 billion minutes of video on Hulu, which was twice as much as the 5 major TV networks online combined. 9.7 billion minutes of video were viewed on the websites of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and the CW. More »

Thought to have been brewing for sometime, Hulu has finally unveiled a paid subscription service. “Hulu Plus” charges Americans $10 monthly for access to full seasons of television shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Xbox 360, PS3, and select Samsung/Sony HDTVs and Blu-ray players. More »

Viacom has announced that they will officially be pulling Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” from Hulu. As of March 9th, these shows will no longer be available for viewing on Hulu. Never fear, though, as they will still be available for viewing on the respective show websites. More »

A report from Media Memo, Hulu’s forthcoming application for the iPad may be a pay-per-view or some other form of paid service. If this is true, then Apple will have a tougher time trying to convince people that the iPad is a true multimedia tablet when it lacks Flash and Hulu. More »

It’s been deemed official, Hulu is getting a paid subscription service as early as next year but what does this mean for the number of users they carry? Hulu is looking at a major drop in the number of users and a massive drop in page views due to their newly devised plan. Lets look it over, shall we? Hulu is currently ranked number 36 among all other sites, and they get a great user percentage, 21.5 million global people a month to be exact. More »

By now it’s already made the newswires across the internet, but Hulu, the free video service, is planning to go with a subscription model. I heard the news last night as I was watching the baseball game on FOX and couldn’t believe that Hulu, already supported through ads, was planning to charge for broadcast television content, which most of have been watching for free since the dawn of television.

Chase Carey, the News Corp. Deputy Chairman, uttered the now famous words, “It’s time to start getting paid for broadcast content online.” I think Mr. Carey forgot one thing, you already have ads on your videos, ads that pay so that viewers can watch it for free! More »

Last week, I was hoping and tweeting, there should be a Hulu app for the iPhone so I can watch all the shows returning for the fall, when I’m not near my computer. Of course, there’s rumors floating of a possible Hulu iPhone app but today there was some good news for some iPhone fans, Netflix will be releasing an iPhone, just not right away. More »

Hulu became one of the best online video/movie sites because of its free content and ability to watch TV shows the next day for free, but that may change and you might have to dish out some cash soon. Reports from a Frost and Sullivan analyst say that the site is working on the technical details so that they could add a pay subscription service. The site is currently doing internal beta testing, so expect this to take effect soon. More »

Last week I asked a co-worker about the show 24. I never got into the show but had seen a few episodes. After hearing some positive things about the show, I decided to start over and watch it from season 1. I wanted to see at least 10 or so episodes before deciding to buy all the seasons. I looked everywhere on-line but couldn’t find it anywhere. This is where I expected Hulu, one of the leading online video sites, to come through. Sadly, I was disappointed. More »

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