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With a really old Galaxy Ace in my hand, there is definitely no doubt I’m looking for a new phone, preferably Android. However, despite the fact that I pay so much attention to all the releases and launches and Android-related news, there is no way will I ever be standing on top of the Android ladder - because there simply isn’t a top. More »

While HTC had released quite a few impressive phones throughout 2012, the Taiwanese giant still can’t seem to fulfill its fans hunger for sweets as Jelly Bean enters the play. Thus, HTC had set out to answer a few of the frequently asked questions, as well as address on questions regarding whether certain phones will be enjoying the new OS with the rest. More »

All the way from China, a new Android phone called Big Cola has made its way onto the market, bringing along some pretty sweet specs. More »

After releasing the news that the device will be arriving soon, AT&T has announced that Sony’s new Xperia TL will be heading towards the AT&T shelves as soon as November 2nd. Also, the “official Bond phoneā€¯ TL will be used by James Bond in the movie Skyfall, along with some pre-loaded exclusive James Bond content. More »

Sprint had recently announced about its LG March, which is a new long-time-no-see QWERTY slider Android smartphone joining the market filled with touchscreen keyboards. More »

Some of you out there might not need to go trick-or-treating this year, as Verizon has decided to give a little Ice Cream Sandwich treat for those with Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. More »

We’re in 2012. The end of it, to be exact. And Motorola has just jumped out from nowhere, with a handful of Gingerbread, hot and ready for its Sprint XPRT. In the time of Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, it does seem a little bizarre and sticking out like a sore thumb. More »

And by soon we mean in a few weeks. Sony has been working hard on bringing their devices on the same page as some higher-end phones, and three more devices, the Xperia Go, Sola, and U have just been granted some Ice Cream Sandwich that will be rolling out in the next few weeks. More »

What happens when a phone is cheap? It gets even cheaper! The Motorola DROID RAZR M is already super cheap on Verizon at $99 on contract, but Wirefly has something even better to offer. More »

While the Sony Xperia Ion looks all glamorous and elegant on the outside, many have wondered why it came with Gingerbread. Sony did promise some Ice Cream Sandwich for its lovers, and seems like it has finally arrived, despite being a little late. More »

If you just can’t stop your clumsy self from dropping your smartphone so often, perhaps the Handheld Nautiz X1 may help, claiming to be the “world’s toughest smartphone.” That is, even the military had qualified it. More »

Even though Ice Cream Sandwich really didn’t get that much love, the new operating system Jelly Bean actually is doing quite well. More »

T-Mobile has followed up the back-to-school shopping with a brand new device Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G. Carrying some not-too-impressive specs, it isn’t the next big thing we’re looking for, but could be a nice budget phone for those looking for one. More »

From Htcyou: Those in South Korea will soon be able to check out Pantech’s newly unveiled Android-powered smartphone, the Vega S5. The smartphone has a 5-inch screen and will be released early this month. More »

From Htcyou: Face Unlock never had been to useful on Ice Cream Sandwich as supposed to the fuss it created. Though as Jelly Bean arrives, an improvement to the features tags along. And here I present you the “Liveness Check.” More »

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