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There have been rumors going around about Microsoft building a version of Office for the iOS and Android devices. At first, it was said that it would arrive in early 2013. However, it looks like it has been appeared to be false as it now suggests that it may come on the year 2014. More »

Apparently so, according to France Telecom-Orange Executive Stephane Richard. He not only discussed his insights on what other companies may need to compete with big companies like Apple and Samsung, but also stated what it feels like to work with Apple post-Jobs. More »

Siri, the popular addition to Apple products, was at once supposed to be only available for Verizon phones. More »

The iPhone 5 may have been released last year but Italian designer Federico Ciccarese has already decided that he wants to see an iPhone 6 out, so he went to work designing the concept for said phone. More »

Woven is and app for Android and iOS that grabs all of your photos from your computer or from your online accounts and aggregates them into a huge photo album. More »

With some bigger rumors on the re-launch Google Maps on iOS on top, the folks over at Google Maps have just announced that they have just launched aerial, satellite, and 45-degree imagery to 164 cities and 108 countries or regions. More »

People have been waiting for Microsoft Office’s arrival on smartphones for quite awhile now, (me included), and seems like another leak of Office for iOS has been leaked - despite how quiet they try to remain. More »

The Music icon for iOS has been around for awhile now, and Apple found it quite unique enough for a trademark. However, the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board had made a decision that probably wasn’t what Apple had expected, as the icon is denied due to similarities with MySpace’s iLike. More »

Coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts launches a free mobile app, allowing you to pay for your purchase with your smartphone. More »

Google has recently announced that the latest version of its Search application will be available for iOS soon, bringing its enhanced voice functionality similar to the Android version. Just like it is seen in Jelly Bean, this feature allows users to say their question out loud and the app will speak the answer right back. More »

This news probably isn’t going to make Apple too happy. After all, it seems that iOS users much prefer Google Chrome over Safari and it has shown as the Google Chrome iOS browser dominated the free iPhone and iPad app charts just days after its release. More »

In the midst of (or perhaps because of) its competition with other tablet producers, Apple has released a new ad for its upcoming iPad! More »

From Htcyou: Android fans may remember Verizon’s ‘Droid Does‘ campaign well: it started with Motorola’s original DROID and was helpful in giving Android a leg up on iOS in the United States in 2009. More »

The world has been aiming for environment friendly ways to do almost anything in order to save our earth, and the iOS eScribe for iPad has clearly got the point: it is designed to get rid of the use of papers during business meetings. More »

From Htcyou: You probably aren’t quite aware of this when you bought the phone you’re using and happily uploaded all those images, but apparently, Android OS - and basically all the operating systems out there (yes, including iOS) - all have the ability to access locally stored photos on your devices. Hmm. More »

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