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When I was in high school, we used sacks of flour for that unavoidable home ec assignment that aimed to teach you responsibility in parenting. Apparently, nothing said responsibility to high school teachers in the 90s quite like watching a sack of flour. Sounds a little sad, but it was the 90s. Japan has since taken things a step further by creating Yotaro, a baby simulator designed to teach people or aspiring parents how to care for a child and recognize it’s needs based on facial expressions, movements, and physiological traits associated with babies. More »

From Ningin: Do you like music and also happen to have a very unhealthy Hello Kitty fetish? If so, then you may want to drop $90 on this worthless piece of Hello Kitty gadget crap. Oh yes, I did go there. More »

From Ningin: I’ve been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to think of some funny or sarcastic thing to write about this, but honestly, I have nothing new to add. The gross horror that is a Japanese School Girl robot more or less speaks for itself. More »

Japan’s Twitter is putting a little twist on how they operate, adding Premium accounts and micro payments. Starting next January, Twitter Japan will allow users to purchase Premium accounts, which then can be accessed by other users who pay a small fee to view these tweets and guess what? Twitter will be pocketing almost 30% of the profits. This isn’t very surprising, since Twitter has no ads on their site, so this is a way for them to make some money while picking up new users. More »

From Ningin: Konnichi wa, Jinra-san desu! Boy, do I have a puresento (present) for you. Actually, since I’m feeling extra nice, I’ve got two. The first one is Rekuru, our new Japanese entertainment site. Aside from Ningin, Rekuru will be your destination for the best in anything from Anime to Zen. The second one is, you guessed it — the Ningin Japan-a-thon. In support of Rekuru’s launch, we’ve got a special schedule filled with blog posts dedicated to The Land of the Rising Sun. More »

From Ningin: I’ll give you one guess as to which Asian country came up with this gem of an idea. More »

The guys over at Akihabara News snapped some photos of concept phones at Fujitsu’s Booth in this year’s CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies). The one pictured above is the KORA bracelet PC phone.

My particular favorite was the pen phone. It has a real Dick Tracy detective/spy feel to it. Too bad they are all concepts. I wouldn’t mind having a phone shaped like a soap dish. Go check out the whole gallery of photos.

Remember when Doc Oc flung cars with ease across the street in Spiderman 2, well now we may be able to do the same with the new Power Loader Exoskeleton being built in Kyoto, Japan. While you won’t be able to throw cars with it, you will be able to lift up to 220 pounds, which is still a lot of weight.

The dual armed amplification robot uses 18 electromagnetic motors and also has force feed (Force Feed is something that gives us feedback as a type of force during an interaction with something). Unfortunately, the Power Loader Exoskeleton is still in its developmental stage and won’t be in the market until 2015. Check out the video of the Power Loader in use while you wait (after the break). More »

From Ningin: The Sony ps3 just announced their new console, a slim edition. But Square Enix decided to up the ante with an enhanced white version designed with a graphic of Lightning, (name of main antagonist) in PINK. Hey at least your wife will approve of the purchase. “Oh that’s a cute little box.” More »

Japan’s Lucky Dragon fishing boat, created by artist Yanobe Kenji is all the buzz at the Aqua Metropolis Festival in Osaka. The boat itself measures out at about 50 feet and supports 23 foot long dragon head that not only spits fire but water as well. The eyes of the dragon light up while it is spitting fire and the yellow wings of the dragon act as sails to keep the boat moving.

The boat will be firing up the canals in the area until the end of the festival on October 12th. The dragon head is more like a crane as it only moves up and down but the fire spitting is what makes this truly amazing. Check out the video after the break. More »

Gundam is a big deal in Japan. So big that a couple decided to get married in front of one and bow down to it. Japan’s T&G wedding planners held a contest to see who would be getting married in front of the giant robot in Tokyo. One lucky couple, out of 500 entrants, took their vows in front of Gundam.

With their new born baby, Seira, named after a character in the series, they snapped pictures with family and friends and bowed in unison to the gigantic Gundam robot. The bride has to be a Gundam fan because no woman would ever agree to get married in public bowing to a giant TV show character. But then again for a free wedding, does it really matter? You can see pictures of the amazing ceremony here. More »

In a somewhat surprising news, a new survey says the iPhone 3GS was the top selling phone in July after its release in June. The survey, conducted by Japanese Research Company GfK’s Japanese Subsidiary, had the 32GB iPhone 3GS as the most popular phone in Japan, while the 16GB ranked 9th in contract phones.

This is very surprising news considering Japan is always thought of as a leader in advanced mobile communications, design and infrastructure and the iPhone seemed to lack many features Japanese phones already had. iPhone 3GS has brought to Japan what the original iPhone and 3G lacked, a better camera with video recording capability and faster 3G service, which may be the reason for the popularity. Will the iPhone 3GS stay on top as the most popular phone, that’ll be something to keep an eye on in the upcoming months. The two iPhones weren’t the only phones to do well during the month of July, here’s the other 8 cell phones from the list of top 10 most popular phones in Japan. More »

Despite the generally great reputation Japanese people have for recycling, this years results for best green company by Greenpeace shows the same attitude does not extend to the country´s manufacturers of technology. More »

The Japanese have done it again. This time they’ve managed to create a robot that can make noodles in 2 minutes. Momozon Robot Rame was created by Yoshihira Uchida, who owns the noodle shop he works in. His robot allows customers to choose from over 40 million flavor combinations. More »

Apple is continuing its iPhone domination worldwide. According to new numbers from Japan, the iPhone holds the #1 and #2 spot in the smartphone market. There are a number of reason behind the sudden popularity of the iPhone in a market no American company has had success penetrating. More »

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