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A mobile processor plant in Austin, Texas, is being developed with billions of dollars from Samsung in a bid to enhance the general quality of them. Between $3 billion and $4 billion pound will be invested in a bid to revamp the entire facility. More »

Head of global marketing for Samsung Electronic’s mobile division, Younghee Lee, has said that they have sold around 10 million Galaxy Notes within the last nine months, which is a great figure condiering the time taken. More »

Samsung has recently posted a picture of what seems to be a black Galaxy S III on its Facebook page. It has not been officially confirmed yet, but the picture teases many people who don’t like the current color options. More »

Conan O’Brien is at it again, and this time he is making his own video around the patent trial that is going on between Apple and Samsung. More »

It looks like the biggest lawsuit in the history of technology will never stop because Apple has found a new topic to argue about. As they enter the court once again, Apple presented some photos proving that Samsung has ’slavishly’ copied Apple’s icons in their TouchWiz UI. More »

The battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for some time now, and it has brought up some new hints towards the creations of an Apple car or an Apple camera. More »

On August 6 Samsung has officialy announced a retooled version of the Galaxy Note 10.1. More »

It seems like Samsung really wants costumers to buy its Galaxy S III that bad, that they are offering to pay for their old smartphones. More »

A rather obvious product launch is due to take place in New York on August 15, which will be delivered by Samsung. And yes, it will be a tablet. Suspicions have gone because there’s an outline of a device with a table in CNET’s invitation. More »

After what seems like a war which has been going on for as long as we can remember, the Apple vs Samsung patent trial recently started. To begin badly, Samsung seemed to have leaked images of prototypes which were rejected as evidence purposefully to the big media names. Understandably, judge Lucy Koh was not impressed and wants an explanation. More »

Rumours are growing in numbers that a new Galaxy Note smartphone or table is to be released by Samsung within August. Reuters were told that it will debut at the next Galaxy Note product in a major August 29th event. More »

One day in the future, we will all look back and reminisce about how we used to have laughable, straight, stiff gadget displays. That’s because Samsung are on their way to producing flexible AMOLED displays as we speak. The displays are just 0.6 millimeters thick (or thin, depending on how you look at it!) which is less than half as thick as our present displays which measure 1.8 millimeters. More »

Samsung’s Q1 2012 success was just revealed, and yet there is something even better for the Korean giant: the company has overtaken Nokia, one who had stayed on top for the past 14 years, and is now the world’s largest vendor of mobile phones. More »

It was rumored last week that Samsung would be pushing out mobile phones with Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” on them. The rumors have now been confirmed by Samsung in Taiwan, who say that we could expect the handsets from as early as October. More »

For an impressive 14 years, Nokia have held the top spot when it comes to selling cellphones in the global market. Now, Samsung, who sell a range of low to mid to high range handsets, have taken away the sought-after title. Although sales figures in January pointed at Nokia staying at number one, an unexpected rapid shift in numbers has occurred. More »

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