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T-Mobile started offering their iPhone 5 last month with a pretty appealing offer that undercut competitor AT&T by $70. The iPhone 5 was yours for a reasonable down payment of $99 with monthly payments of $20 for 24 months, totaling $579.99 that was still a good deal. But it seems as though the money-saving fun was only temporary, as that initial launch price was part of a one-month promo offer. Darn. More »

MetroPCS shareholders have made the final vote to approve the reverse merger between T-Mobile and MetroPCS! This means that the smaller company, MetroPCS, will be buying the larger T-Mobile. More »

Just recently, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority offered free Wi-Fi and cell service at metro stations. The services can be found all around New York City, but texting is only available for those using AT&T or T-Mobile. Plans are currently being made to include Verizon and Sprint. More »

When T-Mobile launched their “UNcarrier” business strategy, it threw everyone for a loop, including Attorney General Bob Ferguson. According Ferguson, T-Mobile’s new advertising direction was “deceptive” and he wants to make sure each and every consumer knows what they are getting themselves into. More »

T-Mobile’s first marketing outing with the iPhone 5 made its debut globally, just before the smartphone officially went on sale in the US. To follow that up, after one of their “best weekends ever”, another marketing spot is taking place. More »

T-Mobile has unveiled its first commercial for the iPhone 5 on cable and broadcast outlets. The ad focuses on T-Mobile’s new “no restrictive annual contracts” service, which promotes less-expensive talk, text, and data options. More »

Charlie Ergen, Dish Network’s Chairman has been rumored to have unofficially contacted T-Mobile’s parent company with a proposal of a possible merger deal. More »

T-Mobile customers should be ecstatic to know that the company will be offering a trade-in for iPhone 4 and 4S users in exchange for iPhone 5’s. The offer is now on and will run through till Father’s Day on June 16th. More »

After the first time in four years, T-Mobile has announced that they will be increasing their customer count. More »

It seems that Verizon was recently inspired by T-Mobile’s big announcement on eliminating cell phone contracts. Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO, commented that it all depends on the users. More »

Being the long time data provider of Audi’s Connect Infotainment system, T-mobile and Audi has just announced a brand new data plan, which could help Audi owner save some money. More »

As the April 12th release date for the iPhone 5 at T-Mobile draws closer, why don’t we anticipate this a little more with the posters that are set to advertise the Apple device? More »

T-Mobile seem to have updated their HTC One sign-page to show an attractive deal for those who take it on early. That is because Magenta will be throwing a free retro-like official HTC car kit into the whole equation, which is causing a huge stir among prospective buyers. More »

T-Mobile has recently been letting out a series of possible ideas, and one of them seem to be an upgrade program labeled as the “anytime upgrade” plan. With this plan, T-Mobile customers would be capable of upgrading as often as two times a year. More »

T-Mobile has officially turned the switch on for their new line: UNcarrier Classic Plans, which made its first appearance last week. More »

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