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Verizon is releasing the Samsung Galaxy s4 one week ahead than it originally intended, which was May 30th. This Android flagship smartphone will arrive for Verizon users on May 23rd. More »

Just recently, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority offered free Wi-Fi and cell service at metro stations. The services can be found all around New York City, but texting is only available for those using AT&T or T-Mobile. Plans are currently being made to include Verizon and Sprint. More »

US Internet provider Google Fibre is the top of the top in the US it seems despite being a relatively new internet service provider. More »

With word floating around that Verizon Wireless would consider dropping the two-year agreements, by way of Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam, it seems that there is now a follow up. More »

It seems that Verizon was recently inspired by T-Mobile’s big announcement on eliminating cell phone contracts. Lowell McAdam, Verizon’s CEO, commented that it all depends on the users. More »

A few pictures of the new Motorola DROID RAZR M with blue accents surface last week and Motorola has confirmed that it is indeed official! More »

The useful Square Card Reader (a mobile payment processor for Android users) has now been made nationally available to those on Verizon Wireless. More »

Siri, the popular addition to Apple products, was at once supposed to be only available for Verizon phones. More »

There are times where you just don’t want to work and thus, you go on the Internet to kill time. But there’s this one employee ‘Bob‘ who took it the next level and outsourced his job to China. What? More »

If you’re ever in a situation where dialing 911 in dangerous, USA’s four largest wireless carriers have agreed to relay text messages to text-enabled 911 call centers by May 2014. More »

If you have Verizon for your Galaxy S III, then the Jelly Bean update really has been a little late. But still, it’s here, and something is always better than nothing, yeah? More »

Consumer Reports again has released an annual list ranking U.S. phone carriers. More »

Those of you that are looking for a nice Samsung Galaxy S III, Radioshack has some nice sweetness for you out there that may as well count as an early Christmas gift. More »

Verizon and HTC have already released the news regarding an event they will be hosting on Tuesday, and seems like Verizon can’t hold in their excitement anymore and put up on leaks through their news section. More »

Invitations for a November 13th event co-hosted by HTC and Verizon have been sent to and received by many who are interested in what could be next from both companies. More »

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