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According to Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, the first Windows Phone 8 devices will officially go on sale in Europe this coming weekend, and would be out all over the world during November! More »

A few days ago, folks revealed the spy shots of the Huawei W1, and now it looks like the device running on the Windows Phone 8 operating system now has official press images! More »

While Microsoft is currently in the midst of integrating Skype into their Windows phones, users will have to find an alternative way of receiving free calls from their close friends and relatives. One of them would be none other than Viber, an app that has already been available in the iOS and Android devices for quite a while now. More »

It was rumored last week that Samsung would be pushing out mobile phones with Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” on them. The rumors have now been confirmed by Samsung in Taiwan, who say that we could expect the handsets from as early as October. More »

Last May, Windows said that they would no longer be accepting submissions for their Mobile Marketplace, causing speculation as to whether the service would carry on. This May will see the shutting down of Windows Mobile Marketplace app store which is a couple of years old. More »

Although the launch of Windows 7 was not even that long ago, Microsoft are ploughing on and Windows 8 has opened today for testing purposes. The new touchscreen operating system will not only be on computers but also on tablets as Microsoft set out to keep up with competitors Apple and Google on mobile technology. More »

Google Music client Gooroovster is now available as a beta version for Windows Phone. The app works only on Windows Phone devices running a Mango upgrade and it offers streaming access to your whole music library with the usual music player controls. More »

Thanks to a Russian website, we could have what we believe to be leaked screenshots of Windows Phone Tango. The new version of Windows Phone is the one that is reported to bring the system to developing countries by having support for more languages. More »

For those who seem to be continually reformatting their Windows Phone handsets, or have swapped their device for another Windows Phone model and want to reinstall their previously used apps as quickly as possible, saving lots of time, there’s Reinstaller. More »

The Nokia Lumia 900 had been available for pre-order from Microsoft retail stores only a week ago. However, Microsoft have now announced that pre-orders for the handset are no longer available saying, “Customers who are interested in purchasing a Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900 should stay tuned to the Microsoft Store Facebook Page for store offers in the coming months.” More »

There are some Windows Phone users who are yet to feel the joys of Windows Phone Marketplace but fortunately the number of such people will be set to decrease as those in Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines can begin to download and buy apps for their Windows Phones. More »

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has finally gotten something neat. Ask Ziggy is an app in the Windows Store that is basically a form of Apple’s Siri. It can answer almost all questions you ask, while is also able to do the normal texting, emailing, social network updating stuff by using only your voice. More »

The Nokia Ace (also named as the Lumia 900) has been circling the news for a while now and have managed to obtain some better photos of the device. The Windows Phone can be seen in the photos with a front facing camera, the AT&T logo and 4G connectivity on the screen’s status bar. More »

We’ve had the LG Quantum, and now another LG-Windows collaboration is under the spotlight. This time round, it’s the LG Fantasy which will have the Windows Phone 7.5 platform and here’s a blurry photo which has been leaked of it. More »

What is Picture Password you say? It’s when you take your favorite photo and draw gesture on it to unlock. It seems promising, but the inventor of RSA’s securID two-step authentication. More »

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