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Just a mere few days ago, Firefox 12 became available but as we all know, Mozilla don’t really hang about and in just 6 weeks time, Firefox 13 beta will be on our doorsteps. The beta release channel will also have Firefox 13 itself on offer for the impatient beings amongst us. More »

From Htcyou: Mozilla has recently released the new version of its mobile Firefox for Android browser. Besides the usual bug fixes and improved Firefox sync setup, the app comes with some new features, such as the implementation of anti-aliasing for WebGL as well as support for accelerated layers via OpenGL ES. More »

SelectionSK is a Firefox add-on that offers language translations as well as multi-engine search and highlight simply by selecting the text with the mouse. With this extension, copying, highlighting, translating etc are easier and more convenient, as selecting the text will automatically pop-up the menu. More »

The latest update in Mozilla’s popular browser, Firefox, will be coming to us faster than expected. The promise of a faster refresh cycle that wasn’t found in Firefox 4 will now be present in Firefox 5. More »

Surprise surprise: statistics show that Mozilla’s Firefox 4 is outpacing Microsoft’s IE9, despite coming out to the world a week after IE9 was released. More »

Mozilla recently announced that the final version of its Firefox 4 Web browser has been released and is now available for download. In just 24 hours, the browser reached over 6 million downloads. It is quite an achievement, compared to Microsoft’s latest Internet Explorer 9 release, which had about 2.35 million downloads in its first 24 hours. Firefox 4 includes a bunch of different enhancements like a redesigned UI, improved tab management and faster performance. Check out Firefox 4′s new features in this short video below. More »

It’s been awhile, but Firefox 4 is finally out of the testing phase and will finally be released tomorrow! If you simply cannot wait until tomorrow, though, then today is your lucky day, because the official Firefox 4 can be downloaded NOW through the magic of Mozilla’s FTP server! More »

Mozilla’s annual “The State of Mozilla” report has just been released, and their numbers for 2009 are impressive indeed. Mozilla reported revenues of about $100 million, which was a more than 30% percent increase from 2008. Given the state of the economy, a revenue loss of about $100,000 is quite impressive indeed, and stems from long-term investments as well. So where does the money come from? Firefox, and their large search deal with Google. More »

FireFox set out a challenge to find security flaws and rewards those that do with $3,000, upped from the previous $500. One young 12 Year Old by the name of Alex Miller did just that, found one flaw and was rewarded with enough bucks for about a years supply of pizza. More »

Mozilla has completed Firefox Home for the iPhone and iPod Touch and is waiting for Apple’s approval before the program shows up on the App Store. More »

For years, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has been derided, mostly by nerds, yet it remains by far the world’s dominant web browser. This is the first time in history that its market share has dipped below 60%. More »

From Htcyou: Since Firefox is my browse of choice on Mac and Windows, I have been keeping apprised of Mozilla’s development of Fennec for Android. Truth be told, for online stuff, I rarely do more than use Gmail on my MyTouch, but maybe Firefox will change my habits? See how it runs on a Nexus One. More »

From Htcyou: Mozilla’s mobile port of my favorite web browser is quickly progressing. This week, the developers uploaded a few pictures of Fennec running on a Motorola Droid and a Nexus One. Programmer Mark Finkle also has a slide-show presentation about FireFox for mobile devices. More »

From Htcyou: Although an alpha release is still a ways off, Mozilla’s port of “Firefox/Fennec to Android is progressing at a good clip.” More »

From Htcyou: My favorite web browser, Mozilla’s Firefox is arriving next month for Android. German website Camp-firefox writes that a beta version of Firefox, Fennec, is nearly complete. More »

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