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From Htcyou: With its unique clamshell design, the Sony Tablet P has managed to hop out and land into the UK market…though it arrives bringing a pretty big pricetag as well - barely ringing in under £500 ($667 USD). More »

From Htcyou: Before today, Sony’s PlayStation certification was only allowed for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and Sony Tablet S, but it seems like that may change. A recent announcement by Sony Ericsson Japan announces that the Japan models of the Xperia Arc and Xperia Acro will become the latest recipients for PlayStation certification through an upcoming official software update. More »

Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play will be released in AT&T on September 18. More »

From Wirebot: As bad as the recent events concerning PlayStation have been, the brand itself has been doing exceptionally well. On the popular social network, Facebook, it has managed to break into the top 10 for brands in a matter of 6 months with a 100% growth! More »

From Wirebot: Sony fans, PlayStation fans, get ready to go crazy! The Xperia Play, which is Sony Ericsson’s first attempt at a game phone will show up on US soil next week after being out in Europe for a while now. More »

ThinkGeek’s iCade April Fool’s joke has given rise to the FreeKade and various DIY projects. “Linkreincarnate” has put together an elaborate iPad arcade set-up that is running Playstation emulator PSX4all. More »

I have outlined my reasons for believing that both/either the Xbox 360 Kinect and/or Playstation Move are/is going to fail epically, yet some of the same arguments for failure can (paradoxically) be used to suggest that one or both will succeed. More »

Four years after Nintendo’s Wii, which was laughed at by its competitors but has sold over 70 million consoles, Sony and Microsoft are hopping aboard the motion control bandwagon. Come this autumn, the Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect will fail and prove that the Wii is lightning in a bottle, never to be caught again. More »

In a strong response to Kinect, Sony has declared that the Playstation Move is going to be available in Europe on September 15th and North America on the 19th. Pricing defeats Kinect and is as follows: the motion controller is $49.99, while the navigation controller is $29.99; the Move Sports Champions bundle that includes the PlayStation Eye, the titular game, and the Move is $99.99. Additionally, Sony is selling the PS3 console with the Move together for $399.99. More »

Specifically, ZodTTD’s PSX emulator, due to popular demand, is programmed for Android 2.1 and 2.2, with fast smartphones like the Nexus One, whose 1GHz Snapdragon processor screams. More »

President Barack Obama called out entertainment gadgets Xbox, Playstation, iPod, and iPad as being diversionary and lacking educational value. More »

In 2009, overall video game sales revenues declined from by $1.1 billion down to $9.9 billion total, but Apple’s share quintupled from 1% to 5%. In the portable gaming breakdown (where it really matters to Apple), Apple’s surge is even more dramatic: from 5% in 2008 to 19% last year. More »

From Ningin: For most of us here, this week has been epic for the release of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII. I’m not even much of a gamer and I know this much. I also know that despite the title, FF XIII is more fantasy than it is final. This week we’d like to make your fantasy come true by giving away a copy of Final Fantasy XIII. More »

Competition in motion control gaming is waxing hot with Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s Playstation Move about to vie against Nintendo’s Wii. The Playstation Move ad is shot in the same fashion as other recent PS3 commercials, teeming with attempts at humor and sarcasm. Whether it is funny or not is for you to decide. More »

…then join ‘em. Sony stores have been in existence for around several decades, but they have been bland looking places…until now. On March 13th in Nagoya Japan, Sony opened the doors to its first Apple inspired Sony Store. More »

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