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From Htcyou: Fox Business‘ interview with Shantanu Narayen, Adobe President and Chief, has revealed (6:35) that Flash 10.1 is on pace for a full release during the second half of this year for Android, RIM, and WebOS. Please do not rush it, Adobe. Flash is terrible enough for OS X and Windows –yet, I hope that 10.1 arrives before December 31st. More »

From Htcyou: Speaking with Bloomberg, HTC chief financial officer Cheng Hui-ming states that under the right conditions, his company could run its own operating system for its smartphones. Throughout HTC’s history, it has relied on Windows Mobile and Google Android. Were HTC to use a proprietary OS, there are many significant factors to consider. More »

Blackberry’s new Pearl is the 9100, and new photo leaks show that the pearl has been displaced by the Curve and Bold’s trackball for navigation. More »

I feel for Jon Rubinstein. His company was the pioneer of the smartphone forerunner, the PDA (although Apple’s Newton started it all). In the late 1990s, Palm was an enviable company, but its failure to transition (successfully) its products to the smartphone market has doomed the once glorious creator of numerous beloved PDAs. More »

A survey by Crowd Science indicates that an alarming number of Blackberry owners “definitely or probably would” switch over to iPhone or Android when they make their next purchases. More »

Smartphones are taking over our lives, so which models do the rich and famous use? Blackberrys are most popular for texting aficionados, including skanks and the leader of the free world. Other moguls like Warren Buffett reportedly do not even possess cell phones. More »

The Wall Street Journal cites a close source that claims Sony is plotting to take a big bite out of Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Supposedly, a PSP Phone and an iPad-like e-reader/tablet are in development. More »

In North America, Symbian might be as marginal as soccer, but Nokia’s smartphone OS is still the world leader, holding major shares in Europe, Asia, and South America. This week, after Microsoft had shown its hand with Windows Phone 7, Nokia demoed the upcoming Symbian 4. More »

Microsoft has unveiled its first prototype (made by LG) smartphone running Windows Phone 7. Facing rigorous competition from Android and iPhone OS (not to mention RIM and Symbian), Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 a few weeks ago and has since chosen to rename and relaunch further development of Windows Mobile 6.5 as “Windows Phone Starter Edition.” More »

From Htcyou: Still young and with plenty of development to come, Android OS for smartphones is a serious rival to the established trio of RIM, iPhone OS and Symbian. I have enjoyed my time with my Android device, and here are 5 reasons why you should fall in love with Android this year. More »

From Htcyou: IDC reports that 174.2 million smartphones were shipped in 2009, an increase of 15.1% over 2008 shipments. The top five manufacturers were Nokia, RIM, Apple, HTC, and Samsung. Meanwhile, Google’s Nexus One sales have remained steady but disappointing at 80,000 for the month of January. More »

Remember that white BlackBerry Bold we told you about before? It has a release date now. That’s right, October 18th you can go out to your local AT&T store and pick up your very own Bold in a shiny white case.

You aren’t going to get any more than that, but at least you can tell your friends with iPhones that they won’t be the only ones on the block with white smartphones anymore.

[Engadget Mobile via BGR]

RIM is going white with their Blackberry Bold. According to Engadget, RIM has released a white Blackberry Bold on the T-Mobile network, with a AT&T device coming in mid-October.

While I’m not too sure about carrying around a white phone, it may sell. Similar to the Apple iPhone in white, it could be the alternative many want. I had a white iPhone and it was dirty within a week, so expect similar problems for the Blackberry devices. But it is a nice alternative for those interested in an all-white Blackberry.

(Picture Source)

Blackberry has been making waves this past week. First Fortune Magazine named RIM, the makers of Blackberry, the fastest growing company in the world. Then came the news that upcoming Blackberry devices, possibly next year, will offer Flash and Silverlight support in their their mobile handsets.

It’s not surprising that RIM is named the fastest growing company in the world. Their Blackberry devices are on the list of top phones in the United States, with the Blackberry Curve as the top seller. The last three years saw Blackberry grow a staggering 77% in revenue. Competition will be tough for RIM at the top, as Nokia has recently announced they’re gunning for RIM after their partnership with Microsoft to bring Office solutions to Nokia Smartphones. And let’s not forget competition from Apple every year with iPhone updates. RIM can have a tighter hold on first place if they’re able to add Flash and Silverlight support to their Blackberry devices. More »

Many phones have been on the hunt to kill the iPhone but no one wants it more then the Blackberry. Apple has take a lot of thunder away from the usually solid RIM’s lineup of Blackberry phones. But now Blackberry is competing against Apple in an area Apple is simply dominating, the App Stores. Blackberry has announced that their App World is currently holding 2,000 apps, which pales in comparison to the 53,000 plus apps the Apple App Store currently has but is a lot compared to what they previously offered. More »

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