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More recent models of the MacBook Air apparently use Samsung’s 470-series drives. It is much faster than the previous Toshiba X-Gale SSD, which runs 261MB per second and 210MB per second in sustained reads and writes, respectively, while the 128GB Samsung storage runs about 210MB per second and 176MB per second. More »

You can always expect the Olympics to bring about advanced technology for the hosting city. The 2012 Olympics is just about that - WiFi hotspots are going to pop up around stations in London and it was announced that Samsung and Visa have partnered up to bring NFC mobile payment solutions to the city. More »

Samsung has recently announced that they will launch 3D video streaming service in Korea soon, and later in the rest of the world, such as the US and Europe. Samsung has partnered with DreamWorks Animation and they will provide high-quality 3D movies like Shrek, Megamind etc, but first they will kick off the service with movie trailers, music videos and children’s education films. More »

It was revealed by Panasonic last week that the deal with Twentieth Century Fox to stock Avatar was a one off, so we wouldn’t see any more 3D Blu-ray discs for the company. Samsung also are in a similar position with the exclusivity on certain 3D Blu-rays, also being more reticent to bring partnerships to an end. More »

The Korea Economic Daily reckon that, subject to a new parts contract being signed, giant Samsung will have fellow giant Apple as one of its biggest customers this year (even though it already buys so much off Samsung!) Approximately $7.8 billion is expected to be paid by Apple to the Korean company for electronic parts, e.g. LCD panels, mobile processors, and NAND flash memory chips which would make up what we see as the iPad and the iPhone. More »

Samsung Electronics has recently introduced two new Full HD pocket camcorders: the HMX-P300 and the HMX-P100. Both cameras have the ability to capture video and automatically upload and share using the One Touch Sharing feature. More »

Nearly all linguistic translators are not so accurate. However, Samsung is working on the real time translation device that will resolve linguistic barriers issues. So the device would interpret a voice and evaluate what has been said in a conversation. Then, words that have just been spoken would appear on the screen of the device. More »

Now the intense rivalry from all tech franchises has increased even more. Samsung are aiming to overtake Apple on the number of shipped notebooks. 10 million portables were apparently shipped in 2010, with their target set at 16 to 17 million for this year. More »

This AMOLED display was created for use in PC monitors and TVs. Around 30% of it is transparent, however, the graphics it’s still capable of are still stunning. Samsung’s 19 inch AMOLED display features a resolution of 960 x 540 - brightness is 200cd/m2. More »

If you loved all the gadgets from 2010 then its no doubt that you would also love all the gadgets waiting in line to WOW us all this 2011. To start the year Samsung has just unveiled their 14.1 megapixel Wi-Fi enabled camera the SH100! More »

Samsung has admitted that their old camcorder user interface was not extremely friendly, but their new HMX-Q10 camcorder is one with “Easy Operation and Smart Access”, which probably means no need for a user’s manual. With a 10x Schneider Kreuznach lens suitable for use with either hand, 1080i HD, a 4.9 megapixel digital camera, this camcorder has everything anybody wishing to capture moments needs. There’s also a 2.7-inch touch panel LCD and SD card on board. More »

Korean electronics giant Samsung are already known to show off their SH100 camera and Galaxy Player during CES next week, and now it is known that they will also be showcasing what they call the ‘thinnest’ Blu-ray player. More »

Samsung will look to wow us during CES 2011, and one of the gadgets is rumoured to be their SH100 point and shoot camera. More »

With not long until CES 2011, it is known that Samsung will look to showcase their Galaxy Player. Hub inform us that the player will boast a 4-inch Super Clear LCD display (800 x 480 resolution), Android 2.2 and a 1GHz CPU. More »

Samsung are not letting too much information go yet, but they are going to be announcing Google televisions in plan this coming January. There is also a subtle hint that they are considering the use of intel chips for these televisions. More »

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