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Okay, so I swear this is the last post that I will ever do about Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” but I think this last tidbit of information is worth mentioning, if only for comedic value. The video, which was uploaded in early February, gained enormous popularity in mid-March and has been a viral sensation ever since. Fast-forward to now and the “worst song ever” has made some more YouTube milestones. More »

Yes the news is as hilarious as the title of the post may sound. Starting now, Google will make the Youtubers who posted copyrighted material onto the website to watch videos, as a way for them to “rehabilitate” themselves. Copyright infringement is one of the biggest issue Google had to face ever since owning Youtube. In 2007, there was a billion dollar lawsuit against Google for copyright issues. And last week, Google was criticized again for its inability to sufficienty delete videos without copyrights. More »

A live streaming channel has been added to Youtube, which allows certain select partners to broadcast live video to the general public. More »

Wall Street Journal reports that Google wants you to watch YouTube in the same manner as how you’d watch broadcast telly. More »

To the left, you can see the current warning system that the United States Homeland Security department uses when the threat of terrorist attacks impends on the U.S. Well, this system is set to be thrown out the window pretty soon and will be replaced by a system having only two levels: “elevated” and “imminent.” Furthermore, it is reported that these alerts will sometimes be issued using Facebook and Twitter! More »

We all know YouTube as one of the most popular video-sharing sites in the world. Well, be expecting new additions! On April 6th, Wall Street Journal reported that YouTube will be spending $100 million on original programming. YouTube is searching for deals with companies to get more popular TV shows and movies onto the site, along with original and professionally produced web videos. Also, there is the idea of channel surfing in the works. More »

It’s rare that you go a day without hearing about Rebecca Black’s infamous viral video, “Friday.” With a plethora of parodies traveling the net, this one may be the best one yet. This cover by famed comedian Stephen Colbert might be one of the most epic covers. Ever. More »

Anyone logging into YouTube today will find quite a peculiar set of videos that have been uploaded onto the official YouTube Channel. In honor of April Fool’s Day, YouTube has created a compilation of videos, pictures and clips that were popular back on April 1st, 1911! More »

Although it was originally released in early February, the official music video for Rebecca Black’s “Friday” only began gaining immense popularity after becoming viral earlier this month. The thirteen year old’s notorious video currently has over 60 million views and has just recently passed another milestone in its YouTube life: over 1 million “dislikes.” More »

Hello, fellow Ziggytekkers! This article was typed in the dark. Why? Well, because it was typed during my celebration of Earth Hour! The worldwide event encouraged people to turn off their lights at 8:30 PM local time for exactly one hour to raise environmental awareness. Well, YouTube decided to do its part and join in on the occasion by offering a fun new feature: a light switch! More »

You can now make quick edits on a video without fancy software. That’s because Youtube have come to the rescue. But the service isn’t anything new – in fact, it’s been available since last year. Here are the new features that they have added: More »

Technology has come a long way in the past. However, you would have never imagined the capability of making movies without a camera. Nowadays, video cameras are integrated into smartphones, tablets and computers. More »

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve seen a video go this viral. After having been released last Friday on March 11th, everyone and their mother has heard of Rebecca Black and her viral song entitled “Friday.” With well over 17 million views on YouTube in just a week, this thirteen year old has found herself in the dizzying lime light and is having her fifteen minutes of fame. More »

comScore has recently released last month’s online video rankings, which show that 170 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in February 2011. The users watched for an average of 13.6 hours per viewer and there are in total more than 5 billion viewing sessions. More »

We all don’t like those 240p videos we sometimes find on YouTube, but with a nearly finalized purchase of Green Parrot Pictures, a digital video company that specializes in improving picture quality in videos, it looks like we’ll have a lot more better quality videos coming our way! More »

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