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AT&T might have stopped shipping iPhone 3GS models; the American Beauty director is holding auditions to shoot an iPhone 4G/HD voice calling commercial; Walmart is liquidating the 16G 3GS for $97; Steve Jobs is officially going to present the WWDC keynote. More »

From time to time, depending on his mood, Apple’s CEO will throw his fans (and even his detractors) a bone. Regarding an e-mail inquiry about what Apple will do at WWDC to answer Google’s Android 2.2 FroYo hoopla, within 15 minutes, Steve Jobs replies succinctly, “You won’t be disappointed.” More »

Daniel Lyons, operator of satirical blog The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs and imitator of Apple’s CEO has declared his adoration for Android 2.2 FroYo and will replace his iPhone with an HTC Droid Incredible. More »

Mashable is saying that “sources familiar with the situation” informs the site that not only is the iPhone 4G/HD going to be presented at the WWDC 10 keynote, but that it could go on sale immediately following the announcement. More »

From Wirebot:

As much as I think the iPad is a lackluster gaming platform, and as much as I think it is terribly overpriced (what Apple product isn’t?), there is no denying the fact that if someone came up to me and said “Here, have an iPad” I would take it. Of course I want an iPad! Does that mean I think it is worth paying for? Absolutely not, but sometimes the hype just crawls inside you and eats away at your soul. More »

On the cusp of his company’s iPad launch, Steve Jobs sat down with Time to discuss his career, life, and of course, the iPad. More »

Beating the chiefs from Ford, JPMorgan, Netflix, and Oracle (among others), Steve Jobs has been crowned by Barrons as the “Most Respected CEO” in America. During the recession, Apple has soared thanks to Jobs’ ideas and drive. Barrons credits him for Apple’s reinvention beginning in the late 1990s when the company was in financial trouble. More »

Very publicly, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were amateurishly photographed having java at Calafia, whose proprietor is an ex-Google chef. All of the reported animosity between the Apple chief and the Google CEO are apparently overblown… More »

…because, as Steve Jobs has discovered, they will become your bitterest enemies. In case you did not know, Eric Schmidt was on Apple’s board of directors until August 2009, even though he has been Google CEO since 2001. There was clearly a conflict of interests, as proven by Google’s release of Android OS, which is a direct competitor to the iPhone. More »

I cannot believe so many people watch the Oscars, which I find tedious, pretentious, and self-congratulatory (duh! it is an AWARD SHOW, genius!). This picture features the winner of 2010’s Best Actor in a Keynote Presentation, Steve Jobs. More »

Many observers like to philosophize deeply about issues that generally can be answered with the simplest explanation. I rarely agree with Steve Ballmer, but his succinct (and I would have thought, salient) explanation for Google’s whirlwind rise to power is because of its efficient search engine: “The number one thing that Google benefits from in search is that they did it right, first.” More »

For a man whose company was absent from the Mobile World Congress, Steve Jobs still made headlines, as he was awarded the “Mobile Industry Personality of the Year” honor by a collection of media moguls at the Global Mobile Awards Ceremony in Barcelona. More »

Steve Jobs is a tricky, tricky man. As head of the Apple corporation, Steve Jobs has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with. With innovative products such as the iPod, the iPhone, and the MacBook, Jobs has revolutionized the pop culture of technology. Like I said, Jobs is a tricky man, and Wired has caught Jobs red-handed. Read on to see what Mr. Jobs says and what he does. More »

Whoever downloads Apple iTune’s 10,000,000,000th song will win a $10,000 iTunes store gift card. Apple expects the milestone to be surpassed during February. More »

Even though Google and Apple has had a rocky relationship over the past few years, Google’s mobile engineering executive Vic Gundotra insists that “Apple is a very close and valuable partner.” Recently, there was gossip that Steve Jobs flatly proclaimed privately that he “hates” Google CEO Eric Schmidt, whose company supposedly refrained from allowing multi-touch on its Nexus One so as not to anger Apple. Last week, an OTA update enabled Google’s smartphone to perform multi-touch in Google Maps, Browser, and Gallery. More »

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