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From Htcyou: A recent study by research firm Canalys has revealed that 48 percent of the world’s smartphones are running Google’s Android operating system, followed by Apple’s iOS with 19 percent. This big gap between both platforms is primarily because Android is available on much more products from many of the major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola, while iOS is ony available on Apple’s iPhone. More »

Approximately 38% of iPad owners say that after they have purchased their cherished slates, they no longer have interest in acquiring a gaming handheld like the DS and the PSPNintendo has expressed understandable concern about the iPod Touch, iPhone, and the iPad’s threat to its DS. 49% of iPad buyers indicate that their likelihood of buying an e-reader is now nil. More »

A study in the United Kingdom by Leeds University has found a possible link between internet addiction and depression. Based on an online questionnaire complete by 1,319 individuals, the study found that most of the 1.2% that were identified as “internet addicts” were clinically depressed. More »

In a recent study by the University of Georgia, it seems that many people are a little less than completely satisfied with Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. While the majority of users reported that reading on the device was certainly very easy in terms of functionality as well as easy on the eyes, there were some key complaints that users hope future manufacturers will take into consideration. More »

The next time your mother tells you that playing video games rots your brain, you should kindly direct her to this article. In a recent study by the University of Illinois, the University of Pittsburgh, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, good gamers tend to have bigger brains. More »

“Nielsen delivers the most comprehensive picture of what and how people watch across television, online, mobile, radio, books and music. In 2010 we see a continuation, if not an acceleration, of current trends with consumers watching and connecting more.” More »

According to new independent study by a Forrester Research, iPhone users are smarter and more productive than non-iPhone users.

The study was conducted after the original iPhone was released and involved 32,228 users. The actual productivity and intelligence were gauged by the usage of the iPhone browser. More »

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