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Jeremy Hunt, member of the British cabinet for culture, media and sport, has reiterated his desire for Britain to have the fastest broadband in Europe by 2015, following an event in Google’s London offices. More »

From Wirebot: Japan wasn’t really into sharing their red PS3, but it looks like they’re finally expanding the newly colored PS3 to other countries, and UK’s first in line! More »

So apparently Sainsbury’s Supermarkets in the UK have found a way for people to avoid the long lines at the pharmacy… inventing an ATM for prescriptions! More »

From Htcyou: ZTE and UK carrier Three have lowered the bar for smartphone pricing with the Racer, which is £99 outright or free with contract. More »

An Android smartphone called the Ace is being made by HTC. Speculation is that the Ace is either a GSM European Droid Incredible (exclusive to Verizon) or a 3G model of the Sprint Evo 4G. More »

From Htcyou: Open to UK residents 18 years and over, Mobile Fun’s Love Your Mobile contest is giving away an unlocked HTC Desire worth £399.95. Entries will be accepted until July 5th. More »

Since AT&T has its exclusionary claws on Apple’s iPhone 4, Americans cannot use the device with other carriers, but the situation is drastically different in Canada, the UK, and continental Europe, where most GSM/WCDMA networks carry the smartphone. Apple UK is selling the unlocked iPhone 4 at £499 for the 16Gb and £599 for the 32Gb. More »

Dell’s Streak 5″ smartphone tablet is going to launch on June 4th in the UK for free with £25 per month O2 contract or £35 per month with voice and unlimited data. Outright sale of the device is £429 ($621). More »

Projections are through the roof for iPad sales after Apple announced that it has sold more than 2 million units globally. While the iPad has been on sale for almost 2 months in the States, it hit retailers before this weekend in Canada, much of Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia, where it was welcomed with open arms. More »

To draw some public attention (and heaven knows the JooJoo needs all that it can garner), the JooJoo tablet’s creator Chandra Rathakrishna declares his contempt for all the wrongs of Apple’s iPad: “JooJoo delivers the entire Internet - including Flash-based websites. That means you can play full versions of games, watch full-screen HD video and not have to be constrained within the ‘walled garden’ of the iPad environment.” Tell iPad buyers something that they do not know. More »

Monitoring Craigslist and eBay in vain hopes of snagging an iPad for a conscionable price? In just three more weeks, Apple is unleashing its “revolutionary” tablet in “Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.” Pre-orders for all models begin May 10th. More »

The United Kingdom Parliament is considering passing a bill called the Digital Economy Bill that will supposedly ban open wifi hot spots in the country. Although the main purpose of the bill is to put a stop to copyright infringement, many are questioning whether the open wifi ban is a practical measure. More »

From Htcyou: Amazon Germany has already listed the HTC Desire for pre-order at €419, although no actual ship date has been declared. Reports are that in Britain, O2 and T-Mobile UK are going to carry it in March, while Vodafone will be responsible for offering it to other Europeans. More »

A study in the United Kingdom by Leeds University has found a possible link between internet addiction and depression. Based on an online questionnaire complete by 1,319 individuals, the study found that most of the 1.2% that were identified as “internet addicts” were clinically depressed. More »

The Amazon Kindle is one of the best selling e-readers out there and it’s about to get even more media attention with its rumored release in the UK. says that they got “authoritative sources” that Amazon is looking to take their Kindle overseas. One source says that Amazon has arranged everything needed for a release in the U.K., and an announcement may be due as early as next week.

If the Kindle is announced in the UK during the Frankfurt Book Fair, then it might get a good amount of media attention, with the spotlight being on books already. This will give Amazon a chance to get back the customers they lost to other e-book services in England and will get their overall sales up although it is no doubt that the Kindle will do well in almost any new market. More »

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