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Microsoft has recently been defending all the reports that have been saying that changes to their Windows 8 represents the company admitting to its mistakes. More »

There have been rumors that Microsoft’s Windows 8 update under the code name “Blue” coming up soon. Microsoft plans to release the update as Windows 8.1, which seems like a start of Microsoft OS releases. More »

In October 2012, Microsoft decided to enter the foray of tablets and show the world that, hey, we’re gonna come out with something innovative that will blow your minds! Except, the public has shown a lukewarm response to the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT tablet. Bummer. More »

Microsoft’s Windows 8 app store has added 14,557 apps in the past 35 days according to to tracking website MetroStore Scanner. In total, Windows 8 has accumulated a total of 35,167 apps, 22,000 of which are available in the US market. More »

Microsoft has been trying to promote their series of new products, as well as their new Surface tablet. At the same time, chairman Bill Gates has been toying around with their new tablet, and personally thinks that it is “an unbelievably great product.” More »

While Microsoft is all hyped up about the Windows 8, it looks like they still need a lot of work to do when it comes to promotions. More »

Windows 8 will be officially launched on October 26th, and the first television ad has been released! More »

At its recent annual employee meeting, Microsoft has announced that all 90,000+ employees will get new Surface tablets, Windows 8 phones and PCs. CEO Steve Ballmer announced that employees can choose between desktops, laptops, ultrabooks and tablets for work and they will also get the Surface tablet as well as a WP8 device to use at home and work. More »

Samsung recently revealed a new 13-inch touchscreen ultrabook at IFA in Berlin, Germany and announced it as the Series 5 Ultra laptop. The device will feature Windows 8 and a detachable keyboard. More »

A video which is shown below could give an idea into the next hybrid model that Samsung will develop. It actually includes bushed metal, round eges and a hybrid device that could give implications of the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC. More »

Microsoft is changing their corporate logo for the first time in 25 years, and it greatly resembles the logo of Windows 8. More »

Lenovo is soon to release a foldable, reversible tablet laptop hybrid that operates on Windows 8, after the company just revealed the news. They tweeted a picture of it on Thursday morning with a caption of “It won’t be soon now.” More »

Microsoft has introduced a line of mice and keyboards optimized for Windows 8, including the new Wedge Touch Mouse. It is dubbed as Microsoft’s smallest mouse and it is especially designed for tablets. More »

Microsoft has announced that the upgrade to Windows 8 Professional operating system will cost only $39.99 as a digital download, or $69.99 on disc. This deal will apply until January 31, 2013, with the launch expected to be in the fall. More »

Microsoft will step up iPad rivalry with its new 9.8mm Surface tablet that comes with Gorilla Glass display. More »

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