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With a really old Galaxy Ace in my hand, there is definitely no doubt I’m looking for a new phone, preferably Android. However, despite the fact that I pay so much attention to all the releases and launches and Android-related news, there is no way will I ever be standing on top of the Android ladder - because there simply isn’t a top. More »

-Waiting for the Nintendo 3DS? Nintendo just revealed to Bloomberg Japan that its price and release date will be revealed to Japan on September 29.

-Check out Justin Bieber’s attempt to get away from a horde of crazy fangirls on a Segway!

-Wait, was the reported HTC Vanguard (codename G1 Blaze/Vision) actually the MyTouch HD?

-Battle it out for your favorite maknae in Ningin’s KPOP Male Maknaes Match! (But make sure to read the match details first.)

-What do you think about AKB48’s controversial and racy MV for their new song Heavy Rotation?

-Beat out tons of fellow mice in the race to be the first to get cheese in the online multiplayer game Transformice

-Don’t know how to make your nails pretty? Pick up some Hard Candy Sweet P Nail Polish for only $5 at your nearest Walmart!

-If you’re going on your first date with that special someone, here are four things women love to hear. More »

From Ningin: -If you’re looking to practice your multitasking skills or to visit a spa, Beauty Resort 2 is the iPad game you’re looking for!

-Have your iPad impersonate an iMac with Innopocket’s HexaPose stand for only $49.99!

-Seems like it was the hottest time of the day on Ningin as the Hottests bested the Cassies to take home the win in the KPOP Battle between 2PM and DBSK .

-Is Terrell Owens joining the Cincinnati Bengals actually a disaster waiting to happen?

-Pokemon are bringing in the money with the new hit movie Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Phantom Ruler: Zoroark!

-This incredibly fluffy and cute bunny will definitely make you go “aww.”

-LA Colors Color Craze Nail Polishes is the new secret to making your nails look good.

-Unfortunately, Snookie from Jersey Shore seems to have gotten herself in a bit of fashion trouble. More »

From Ningin: - The No. 8 hottest game girl off the Top 10 Hottest Game Girls is Cammy from the Street Fighter Series!

- It’s official — jail breaking, modding and rooting gadgets are actions deemed legal by the US government!

- Rumor has it Samsung Galaxy Q will be out in September, running Froyo!

- Ningin wants to know: Who are your favorite Kpop idols?

- Heads up Arashi fans, the commercial for the upcoming Arashi album has surfaced!

- Poketo’s newest line of super cute wallets is a collaboration with FriendsWithYou!

- Poor Terrell Owens, professional NFL player with no team to call home. More »

- Doodle Jump for the iPhone is one addictive game, and this is why.

- A shortage in LG LCD panels could mean a shortage in Apple iPads.

- Augen GENTOUCH 7-Inch Android 2.1 Slate, one of the cheapest tablets on the market will be going for $150 at K-Mart.

- Heads up gamers, Ningin is giving away StarCraft 2.

- Video games not your thing? GirlyBubble is giving away a set of Ice Cream necklace and earrings courtesy of YesStyle.

- Miss out on this week’s True Blood? Don’t worry, I recapped it for you. More »

- Who says summer reading has to be unrelated to all the games you’ll be playing this summer? Here’s a list of books based on popular video games.

- If the iPad is way out of your budget, try the Android Touch PC — currently retailing at $124 on Amazon!

- If only American mobile carriers could be like Bell and giveaway one free Samsung Galaxy S daily.

- Beast’s Kikwang paints himself black and it’s not pretty.

- Music Station’s performers for the July 30 show include Namie Amuro, Orange Range, Yamapi and more! Here to read the full list of performances.

- What’s cuter than Rilakkuma in DIY paper craft form? Nothing.

- Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen reveals her beauty routine for raccoon eyes.

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer soda? You better believe it. Jones Soda has released a limited edition line of sodas dedicated to everyone’s favorite vampire slayer.

- No joke, this is an actual Craigslist ad seeking someone with a diaper fetish. More »

- CrossRoads game for the iPad is a lot of traffic directing, line drawing fun!

- The South Gate restaurant in New York City is one of the first to put its entire menu on the iPad!

- When it comes to Antenna Gate and Samsung, Samsung sure knows how to have a sense of humor in its new Samsung Galaxy S ads!

- International pop sensation Charice has finally returned to Korea’s Star King show — the show that started it all for her!

- What’s hotter than Chanel’s 2010 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection? Nothing. More »

- Heads up Final Fantasy fans! All 18 classes of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes have been revealed!

- Say hello to the Antenn-Aid, a gadget that could possibly be the solution to the iPhone 4’s antenna problems!

- Speaking of antennas, HTCYou performs the Death Grip Antenna test on the HTC Magic.

- Even at 13, T-ara’s Jiyeon had high aspirations to become a celebrity.

- AKB48’s new album cover is looking a lot racier than usual!

- GirlyBubble reviews what could possibly be the cutest, kawaii-est YesStyle shirts, ever.

- Fight dry, wrinkly hands with FlauntMe’s 5 tips for softer hands.

- Can’t keep all the NFL signings straight? BlitzNation highlights all the key contract signings.

- Miss True Blood this week? Don’t worry. I recapped it for you.

- It’s Friday and therefore bad pick-up lines time! More »

- Money, money, money, Apple has it enough. Apple has done it again by posting another record quarter.

- Looking for a new phone to buy? Look no further as the Motorola Droid 2’s set to launch on August the 12th!

- There could be only one Ningin Captain that has lead its team to the victory!

- Girlybubble introduces 5 kawaii animal office supplies that replace that boring aura hanging around your desk! Two words: Cuteness overloaded.

- Find out what new features Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded has in store for you!

- FlauntMe goes over what’s hot in beauty for Fall 2010.

- With Smith is cast in The Legend of Cainwith vampires.

- Although Alexander McQueen has passed, his vision lives on for Fall 2010. More »

- 9 minutes of Final Fantasy XIV Beta footage can only mean 9 minutes of heaven.

- Free bumper cases for Apple iPhone 4 owners, but only until Sept. 30 — what’ll happen after that?

- Android owners who plan on buying the Kick Ass Blu Ray will be able to use their Android phones to select scenes!

- Super Junior fans, Ningin is giving away a Super Junior Bonamana (Type A) album — you won’t want to miss out!

- Watermelon Cupcakes are cute and perfect for a hot summer day.

- You’ve newly been drafted into the NFL, now…it’s time for the money!

- On a beauty budget? The NYX Lip Gloss Palette gives you a lot of variety for a very low price.

- Things were going so well dating Michal…and then it ended.

- Alexander Wang’s Resort Collection 2011 accessories are nothing but love, nothing but love. More »

- Some lucky Pokemon safari explorers were lucky enough to take photos of Pokemon in the wild!

- The idea of an iPad isn’t exactly the newest — Wired Magazine actually prophesied it’s coming in 1999.

- If you want to buy an HTC Desire from Telus without a contract, it’ll set you back $450. With a contract, just $80.

- Here’s just a glimpse of what people are calling the Asian Jersey Shore…aka Ktown reality TV show.

- See who made the New York Times list of Top 10 Best Selling Manga!

- Chris Johnson and the Tennessee Titans, have finally reached a deal. Here for details of the deal.

- Nothing says super cute like Japanese animated boxes!

- Brian of is leaving it up to his Twitter followers to decide the fate of his dating life. More »

- Here’s one Easter egg that was left unfound this year and it was for Modern Warfare 2!

- Looking to buy a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for more than it’s worth off of Craigslist? Someone’s willing to sell it to you!

- HTC Droid Incredible fans, today’s your lucky day — video captures have leaked!

- 2NE1’s Park Bom might possibly be starting a new trend in celeb diets with her all-veggie diet!

- Looking for a sweet way to cool off this summer? GirlyBubble has an easy recipe for Korean shaved ice, ‘pat bing soo.’

- Ever wonder to yourself what Courtney Love is wearing right now, at this moment? Wonder no more. More »

- Do you love Mario Kart so much you don’t know what to do with yourself? Nintendo just answered your prayers by debuting the Mario Kart board game at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show.

- Apple iPhone 4 and it’s antenna issues — are they worth it? According to Apple, that’s the customer’s own question to ask themselves.

- Samsung Galaxy S Korean version vs. American — who will come out on top?

- If a member of super massive Jpop girl group AKB48 wants to publish nude photos of herself, then let her gosh darnit!

- For Gackt fans, the best news ever is that the name of the new single is called Ever. Ever might be the best ever!

- Johnny Depp to star in the upcoming vampire film, Dark Shadows? Beat still my heart. More »

From Ningin: - Where Square Enix is taking the Final Fantasy franchise next is anyone’s guess.

- Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s COO likened the Apple iPhone 4 to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Vista according to most people…not the best OS from Microsoft and so the same could be said for the iPhone 4.

- If you were hoping to get your hands on the Motorola Droid X from Verizon, you’re out of luck. It sold out.

- 2PM’s Taecyeon won’t shower you with kisses, but you can enter to win a Taecyeon Kiss Me Mug at Ningin!

- It’s a bird! It’s a worm! It’s…Moicho the super kawaii cell phone strap!

- Nothing says fierce like the sci-fi influenced fashion line from Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New!

- It’s Friday. You know what that means — it’s time for bad pick-up lines! More »

- Square Enix toys galore at this year’s Tokyo Toy Show booth!

- Nothing says flashy like a Bellperre phone decked out in exotic leathers and precious metals!

- Rumor has it, HTC Desire HD will be out in October this year.

- Super Junior’s No Logo music video for Strong Heart is a hoot and a half!

- Sad but true, Buffalo Bills’ Terrence Owens still hasn’t landed a gig yet.

- Topshop’s Fall 2010 campaign shot by Josh Olin is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

- Hello Kitty Lip Balm isn’t bananas…it’s cherry flavored, and super cute.

- Miss out on the last episode of The Gates? Read the recap here. More »

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